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Deep Tissue, Stretching & Pressure Point Releasing

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Phone 775.624.7862 (Please leave a message, most days out on the land, traveling and cannot answer)




Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff Traditional Osteopath for over 30 years on people and animals. Lifetime student of the old world Shamanism. Biodynamic Farmer, Nutritionist  & Farmacist.

Bridgette consults, educates, lectures and does hands of builds of food productions large and small (Urban Farm Project).

Bridgette consults, coaches, lectures, and educates with the focus on microbial, biological, nutrient-dense foods as medicine.(Nutritionist / Farmacist)

Bridgette consults, coaches, lectures, educates and hands-on when needed for people, animals, environments, personal and business to create foundations in shamanism system and practices for all aspects of daily life (Energy Medicine).

Bridgette consults, coaches, lectures, educates and works on people and animals in person. Correction of the brain connections and body connection to arrest disease (Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual). Restoration of structure, body systems, and muscle memories for head trauma, injury, abuse, birth trauma and pain (Traditional Osteopath / Structural Medicine).



First Appointment by Zoom Meeting $50 USD

Continued Sessions Long Distance by Zoom Meeting $80 USD per Hour

Hands-On Sessions (in person) $80 Per ONE Horse, $50 Per ONE Dog

Hands-On Sessions (in person) $100 USD per Hour for more than ONE Animal

Traveling Sessions can include hourly rate, gas, lodging, food and supplies.

Services can be paid for through Pay Pal : 1) by sending you an email invoice & 2) Purchase Center Menu on the bottom of all pages on



Traditional Osteopathic Medicine for Animals

Holistic / Alternative Health Care by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff

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