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Consciousness Of Economics

Consciousness is the state of being an activity of thinking, choosing with intent, feeling and sensing the world around us. It is the experiencing of our own existence, being awake to the inner and outer sensations from the depths of internal knowing. We have forgotten that we create the world’s by our dreaming. Only through constant vigilance can we reclaim our energies and awaken to the understanding that we are being used for our life force. The world’s Economics is just a dream that feels as if it real. A “science” of the financial consideration of material systems, it is a conception of someone’s or something’s creation implanted into the sleepy world we currently exist in. Our energies are a resource for the taking by those who create the systems when we choose to assume that our reality is real and that we feel helpless against it. When our attention becomes razors sharp we remember our potential, we remember who we are, we recover the ability to dream and then together we dream a new world into existence.


Excerpts from “The Art of Dreaming”, by Carlos Castaneda

“The use of awareness as an energetic element of our environment is the essence of sorcery. In terms of practicalities, the trajectory of sorcery is, first, to free the existing energy in us by impeccably following the sorcerers’ path; second, to use that energy to develop the energy body by means of dreaming; and, third, to use awareness as an element of the environment in order to enter with the energy body and all our physicality into other worlds.” —–


“Since they entered into that world with all their physicality, the fixation of their assemblage points on the position preselected by the inorganic beings was so overpowering that it created a sort of fog that obliterated any memory of the world they came from. The natural consequence of such an immobility, is that the dreamer’s assemblage point cannot return to its habitual position. Think about this. Perhaps this is exactly what is happening to all of us in the world of daily life. We are here, and the fixation of our assemblage point is so overpowering that it has made us forget where we came from, and what our purpose was for coming here. The task is to sneak by the inorganic beings, not be run by them.” —-