Before 1940, more than 85% of the U.S. population used drugless healers

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NaturalNews) The news blackout and disinformation campaign of natural cures has  been so effective since WWII that most people do not ever learn of the  “disappeared” therapies until the fateful moment when they or their loved  ones are diagnosed with some dreadful disease. Then and only then will they  begin “fighting for their lives” and delve into the plethora of alternative  medicine, and throw to the wayside all of the supposedly “scientifically  supported” mainstream medicine they fear so much.
It wasn’t  always this way. Just 100 years ago, what we call “alternative” medicine  was main stream, consisting of herbs, tinctures, roots and medicinal mushrooms  which indigenous societies have proven effective for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Doctors  making house calls and traveling snake oil salesmen were not called “quacks”  because they were not quacks at all. Conversely, they were nipping disease and  disorder (what little existed) in the bud, using Nature’s powerful extracts and  herbal tinctures based on a long history of proven methods; from China to  Brazil, from India to Australia, and right back here to the local roots of the  Native Americans.
Just 100 years ago in the United States, medicine was  not a lucrative business. Scarce was a case of heart disease, cancer, diabetes,  arthritis or Alzheimer’s, and there were no pharmaceutically induced  deaths.
Between 1905 and 1912, deficiency disease was discovered, which  meant scientists figured out that nearly all sicknesses and disease were caused by NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY, and the recent discoveries of vitamins  B12, vitamin A, and vitamin D proved it. Since then, farmers have fed cattle  vitamins and trace minerals to prevent and cure disease, but the FDA does not  want you to know. Vitamin B12 is needed for healthy red blood cells, healthy  nerve cells, and to make DNA. Vitamin A is important for the immune system,  helping cell membranes resist cancer and many other  diseases. A public lack of this understanding has been pivotal in the mass  failure of informed choices regarding the prevention and cure of disease. Also,  by 1935, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) became the first “pure” vitamin made  available to the public through large-scale production.
Because of the  mass “mis-education” of vitamins and medicine in the United States, one must “unlearn” and then re-learn how medicine became  so convoluted and corrupt. The best example starts with a simple term for a  drugless healer, which was twisted and published for the mainstream opinion to  start everyone off on the wrong path, on a 70-year farce which continues  today. The term “traveling snake oil salesman” may bring to mind notions of a  “charlatan” or a “huckster,” one who peddles worthless “quack” remedies that  make all kinds of false health claims. But this belief or bad rumor came from  the American Medical Association (AMA), which was led by a man named  Morris Fishbein for 40 years, whose ultimate goal was to label true medicine as  quackery and convince the masses that pharmaceuticals, petroleum-based products,  surgery, chemotherapy and radiation were legitimate and mainstream medicine. (
Unfortunately,  the infamous Fishbein 40-year brainwashing scam worked, and  millions of Americans lost faith in natural cures. In actuality, “snake oil”  came from the Chinese who immigrated to North America to labor on the railways.  Because laying tracks was very physical, the Chinese had mixed together  emulsifying ingredients with omega 3 derivatives, oleic acid and water snake  oils, which decreased inflammation of muscles and helped them relax. (  For more wonderful, natural remedies which have been available for centuries,  keep reading:

Extracts and tinctures – Nature’s drugless antibiotics and immune system  building blocks

Oil of oregano: Oil from the common herb oregano is  an effective treatment against dangerous, drug-resistant bacteria. Carvacrol,  one of oregano’s components, reduces infection as effectively as traditional  antibiotics.
Holy or “blessed” thistle (carbenia  benedicta): Recorded as early as the 16th century for treating smallpox,  fever, anorexia, dyspepsia, indigestion and constipation. Blessed thistle tea  has been drunk for digestive problems, liver and gall bladder problems, headache  prevention, respiratory ailments, memory improvement and external problems such  as sores, boils and itchy skin. The plant gained the title “blessed” for its use  in treating plague. Blessed thistle (and its cousin milk thistle) promotes  healthy metabolic activities in liver cells and helps with toxin  elimination.
Glutathione: The immune system is constantly on the  prowl for pathogens and foreign antigens – the agents of cellular damage,  toxicity and disease. These antigens include viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi  and pre-cancerous cells. To neutralize these pathogens, the body needs a ready  supply of glutathione. Glutathione was first discovered in 1888, well over 100  hundred years ago, by J. de-Rey-Pailhaide, who viewed it under a microscope  while studying the human eyeball. There are currently over 85,000 professional  research articles regarding its positive influence on cellular health.
•  Mistletoe: A folk remedy for cancer, Mistletoe has shown anti-tumor  effects in both human and animals studies in Germany
Homeopathic  medicine: Homeopathy developed much of its popularity in the United States  and Europe because of its success in treating people with cholera, scarlet  fever, yellow fever and other infectious diseases that were ravaging  populations. After 200 years, homeopathy is re-emerging as a major healing  approach to the degenerative disease “epidemics” of the 21st century. The  success of treating yellow fever with homeopathy was so impressive that a report  from the United States Government’s Board of Experts included several  homeopathic medicines, despite the fact that the board was primarily composed of  conventional physicians who despised homeopathy. The success of  homeopathy in treating modern-day infections is comparable to its successes in  treating the infectious diseases of the last century.

The U.S. “disease and disorder” disinformation campaign, since WWII

A  powerful conglomerate of government agencies, international drug companies, and  major cancer treatment hospitals do not want the public to learn about and  pursue alternative medicine. Most likely, most of what you have heard over your  lifetime about food and medicine is a lie. If you watch television and visit  allopathic doctors and dentists regularly, you have been severely influenced by  propaganda and medicine with NO SCIENTIFIC VALIDITY WHATSOEVER. New healthcare  laws and mandates do not allow anyone to get credit or monies for Alternative  Medicine, Natural Cures, or vitamins and minerals which prevent disease without  the use of pharmaceuticals and toxic, synthetic vaccines.
The FDA,  NCI, ACS and AMA is an organized, medical monopoly which ensures a  continuous flow of money to Big Pharma. According to the New York Times and the British Medical Journal, more than 85 percent of prescribed  standard medical treatments lack scientific validation and have never even been  assessed at all. But the Natural Remedies wave of knowledge and  application is sweeping the country and the world. Alternative medicine is now  the largest growing industry in health care today. Dr. David Eisenberg of  Harvard surveyed the American public to find that 42 percent are using  alternative therapies.
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