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The Japji, and in particular the Mool Mantar, is a compilation which has freed humanity from thousands of years of superstition that had gripped their psyche of many common people. It is humanity’s declaration of independence from soothsayers, yogis, priests, traditions etc whose validity had never been questioned. It is a direct communication between the human and His master; it opens and established the communication path for this direct and close link of humanity with spirituality. It is magical compilation which the Sikhs believe has not been equalled elsewhere.
All the falsehood in the name of religion that hitherto had been accepted as “ultimate truths” was challenged in the stanzas of the Japji. All rituals, practices, empty recitations of meaningless mantras, etc. has been accurately and summarily denounced as worthless. The Japji, places Waheguru/God above the most powerful of the gods from other mythology domains. However, it goes further and explains the infinite characters of Waheguru and Nanak, himself admits to being unable to describe the indescribable Waheguru.
The Japji, is scientifically accurate:
Jo kich payee so ekaa vaar
whatever is stored, was put once for all, enough for ever
which is another way of saying, Matter can neither be created nor destroyed.
The Japji, claims the existence of other worlds and planets, a concept that had not been entertained in the World at the time of its writing.
The miracle of Japji, happens when one embraces its message and is thus enabled to experience heaven (oneness with Waheguru) while still on this planet.