Ho’oponopono Chant

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By clearing ourselves with love, forgiveness and gratitude we clear the experiences of the past, present and future. The words with intention are vibrations that break up old patterns of fear and negativity.

Ho’oponopono is personal and universal. When we get in touch with our deepest feelings of compassion, forgiveness and gratitude for ourselves there is great healing. We then have the capacity to love and heal others.

To forgive ourselves or those who hurt us opens the heart and allows us to love more.

These words, “I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me, I thank you” are so powerful. They heal the collective. We feel or move towards feeling forgiveness, compassion, love and gratitude for all life and all that has happened.

I like to sing. It is the language of the heart. It opens up the breath and moves energy up and out. Singing, making sounds, laughing, crying release stagnant energy and emotions and break up old patterns that no longer serve us.

When chanting Ho’oponopono I feel I am being breathed by the breath of spirit and sung by the song of life.

Camille Adair interviews Celeste about Ho’oponopono and How Do You Pray? In this podcast you will have the opportunity to sing along and experience Ho’oponopono.