Moon Phase Journey 11: “Find a Way”

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~Diana Nyad’s mantra as she swam from Havana to Key West was “Find a Way”.

We are reminded in her effort of the following conversation between don Juan Matus and Carlos Castaneda:

        “…Don Juan Matus, although he could have been my grandfather, was infinitely younger than I. In comparison, I was stiff, opinionated, repetitious. I was senile. He, on the other hand, was fresh, inventive, agile, resourceful. In short, he possessed something which, although I was young, I did not: youth.         “How is it possible, don Juan,” I said, “that you could be younger than I?”         “I have vanquished my mind,” he said opening his eyes wide to denote bewilderment. “I don’t have a mind to tell me that it is time to be old. I don’t honor agreements in which I didn’t participate. Remember this: It is not just a slogan for seers to say that they do not honor agreements in which they did not participate. To be plagued by one old age is one such agreement.”

            Carlos Castaneda, Magical Passes

Diana Nyad’s message is one of team spirit, uncommon grace, and unbending intent. Please take a moment to listen to her speak about her journey.

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