Moon Phase Journey 12: Songs of Agreement, Songs of Gracias

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First Quarter Moon – September 12, 2013

As the moon waxes, we feel a quickening of gratitude for the rich welcoming of mother Earth, and the awakening we feel surrounded by her majestic beauty in Laspi Bay, Crimea, and for all the participants of our Infinity in Interactions workshop there who brought so much care, affection, joy and courage to the review of our relationships, opening their hearts to deep silence, and the door to a deeper review of our social expectations and agreements. And a relevant question is: What is an agreement? If we track the roots of the English word to the Latin ad (“to”) +gratum, (“pleasing”—related to gratia, “grace”), this takes us to Sanskrit grnati “to sing praise or thanks.” So it could be said that “agreement” has the sense of “singing to,” or “singing together.”

Here is a song of gratitude and grace, a favorite of Carol Tiggs, sung to us by Alga del Mar: Gracias a la Vida. With gratitude, we can embrace our whole experience, the high, the low and in between, as integral to our awareness and joy in the present moment. We can begin to evolve our agreements—to passionately sing, in life, our songs of choice, and leave aside those that are not really ours.