Moon Phase Journey 13: Sunset Moonrise!

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September 18, 2013

Today is the peak of the last Full Moon of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, referred to in some places as the Harvest Moon because many crops ripen in this season and the moonlight allowed farmers to harvest their crops into the night. In the Southern Latitudes, it is the last Full Moon of Winter, where any snow begins to thaw, the ground warms, and worms begin to work the soil. This Full Moon occurring just before Equinox this year gives us a few days of Full Moon at or near sunset, with the moon beautifully lit by the sun and appearing closer and larger at these times. Thanks to Javor Ribarov for this interesting related link:

This auspiciously corresponds with new illumination brought by our discussions with our Italian co-sponsors and Facilitators-in-Training in Italy on the upcoming Fiuggi seminar topic of Evolving Our Agreements. It has become clear that we need to focus specifically on evolving our social agreements related to: What is a Man? What is a Woman? We will review, at closer, luminous range: How do we each find our own balance and well-being in a social climate that is evolving and changing its gender roles and expectations? We will be supported by the lush gardens and healing waters of Fiuggi itself as we move toward new, more enhancing agreements within our own being.