Moon Phase Journey 14: Happy First Quarter Earth!

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Happy First Quarter Earth! Or should we say: Happy Last Quarter Moon! It’s all a question of perspective. You could hop onto a star, or a closer heavenly body like the moon, to see other cycles and points of view. Standing on the moon tonight, you would be witnessing the first quarter phase of the Earth’s cycle in relation to the moon and sun. So let’s enjoy a little shift in perspective today, and contemplate, as we prepare to review our social agreements related to: What is a Man? What is a Woman? in Fiuggi Italy, this November, what it must be like to take the perspective of the other gender – if we expect a significant member of the opposite gender in our lives to be, for example, more protective, or more compassionate with us, let’s put ourselves on their moon, star, or planet for a moment, and see what new vistas open to our hearts!!!!