Moon Phase Journey 15: Cosmic Cross and New Moon

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Happy New Moon! And what a new moon it is! Venus and Mars are at a 90-degree angle from one another. And the sun and moon, along with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are forming what is called a grand cross in the sky today—where two pairs of opposing planets or celestial bodies form right angles to each other. The cross symbol has been employed since prehistoric times in almost every culture around the world, from Mesoamerica to Mesopotamia to aboriginal Australia, symbolizing many things, including life, protection, the four directions, the four winds, the union of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, the cosmic axis or center of the world, the human form.

Ancient astronomers, and storytellers, and modern-day astrologers have associated such a configuration with the intersection of disparate elements, inspiring us to make the effort to become conscious of them, and to integrate their oppositions and tensions.

And modern-day Jungian psychologists suggest that this symbol, so universal, comes from the deepest levels of our collective human awareness, and represents the coordinates of the here and now, the moment of choice that is always present. i

Following the ancient principle of “As above, so below,” today’s configuration is an opportunity to review: What oppositions, tensions and choices are we encountering in our own lives? And do any of those taking place outside of us correspond to oppositions and tensions within us? Are there internal oppositions within our own being that could be integrated? Are there parts of us “squaring off” with each other, that could be turned into a dynamic, creative tension of Tensegrity®?