Seven amazing uses of hemp

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NaturalNews) How did a plant that is so easily cultivated with so many uses  since it was first grown in China around 6,000 BC become illegal? Even the  original Declaration of Independence was written on hemp  paper.
Hemp fiber was used for sails and ropes for sea-going vessels  during the 17th and 18th Centuries. Up until the early 20th Century, removing  hemp fiber by hand was too tedious and slow for hemp to compete with other  industries propelled by the burgeoning machine age.
But as WWI broke out,  a German immigrant in California, George Schlichten, invented and successfully  tested the first hemp decorticator, which could mechanically strip hemp of its  fiber rapidly and efficiently.
Associates of the USA’s newspaper magnate  of that time, EW Scripps, showed some interest in using the decorticator on a  100-acre plot of hemp near San Diego for Scripps’ paper sources. Economic  circumstances and the war discouraged their plans. [1]
During the late  1930s, editions of Popular Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering exclaimed hemp could now become a billion dollar industry because of the hemp  decorticator, making it seem it was a new invention even though it had been  around since 1917.
But those re-emerging headlines may have have  motivated industrial and banking giants with connections in Roosevelt’s  administration to rid the hemp threat to their interests. This led to the  Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, the first step in squashing the hemp  industry.
Even the AMA was thrown off by this legislation because hemp  tinctures and oils had been prescribed for several ailments.
Here’s  a summarized story that names the vested interests behind that  legislation:

Amazing hemp benefits

(1) Medicinal: Medical marijuana or  cannabis edibles and THC hemp oils have been studied internationally by  reputable labs and clinics for their healing properties, especially regarding  cancer, for decades.
According to GreenMedInfo founder Sayer Ji, “Indeed,  the project has uncovered 129 distinct disease categories that  may benefit from this remarkable plant thus far, and new studies are being added  on a weekly basis.” [2]
Classifying marijuana as a drug without medical  merit is a lie perpetuated by the Justice Department’s DEA to keep it illegal  for their business of arresting and prosecuting peaceful marijuana  users.
Then came a Canadian, Rick Simpson, who cured his Nova Scotia  neighbors with his own cannabis or hemp oil (
(2)  Foods: Hemp seeds and oils are an abundant source of perfectly balanced  omega-6, omega-3, and omega-9 fatty acids. The high level of essential protein  amino acids hemp offers provides a more bio-available complete protein than most  all other protein sources, plant or animal. [3]
(3) Clothing: Cloth from hemp is tougher  and allows for better ventilation than even cotton. You can buy hemp clothing  today. Legalizing hemp would lower the costs of the imports of hemp  fibers.
(4) Plastics: Around 1940, Henry Ford built a “vegetable  car” with mostly hemp fibers, not including the drive train of course. The body  was so strong two men with sledgehammers and axes couldn’t harm it.  [4]
Properly produced hemp plastics are 100 percent biodegradable and can replace all current petroleum based chemically infested plastics.  [5]
(5) Building materials: Several types of building materials,  stronger and lighter than wood and concrete with better insulation properties  have actually been used recently for housing. [2 – video] [5]
(6)  Paper: Instead of deforesting for wood to mill paper with harsh chemicals, a process that manifests countless ecological problems,  hemp fibers could be used for paper. It had been used for paper before wood pulp  processing. And the paper’s quality is considered superior by  many.
(7) Agriculture: Hemp is a hardy plant requiring little  water and no synthetic fertilizers or herbicides. It’s a perfect rotation crop  because it boosts soil health. In a relatively warm temperate climates, it can  be planted and harvested twice a year.
Because it’s easy to grow  and harvest with less overhead, it’s also a perfect cash crop for struggling  small farms. Kentucky senator Rand Paul is pushing for a bill to legalize  industrial hemp growth. It’s already happening in Colorado (
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