Sweden Runs Out of Garbage

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By Amanda Froelich

Imagine a world where pollution is a non-issue, cities are pristine, healthy  environments to live in, and little to no entanglements from discarded trash  injures wildlife or clogs the oceans. In Sweden, this is almost a reality, yet  it’s causing a paradoxical predicament for the recycle-happy country that relies  on waste to heat and provide electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes.

The Scandinavian nation of more than 9.5 million citizens has run out of  garbage; while this is a positive – almost enviable – predicament for a country  to be facing, Sweden now has to search for rubbish outside of its borders to  generate its waste-to-energy  incineration program. It’s namely Norway officials who are now shipping in  80,000 tons of refuse annually to fuel the country with outside waste.

The population’s remarkable pertinacious recycling habits are inspiration for  other garbage-bloated countries where the idea of empty landfills is scarce. In  fact, only 4 percent of all waste in Sweden is land-filled, a big win for the  future of sustainable living. By using its two million tons of waste as energy  and scrapping for more outside of its borders, this country is shown in  international comparisons to be the global leader in recovering energy in waste.  Go Sweden.
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