Vitamin C helps eliminate chronic disease

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by Jonathan Landsman

NaturalNews) Vitamin C experts like Drs. Steve Hickey, Hillary Roberts,  Frederick Klenner, Thomas Levy plus many others have dedicated their lives to  shedding light on this valuable ‘forgotten therapy’ for a wide range of chronic  health issues. Don’t expect to hear this information from your  conventionally-trained physician – because they were never taught this in  medical school.

Given in the proper dosage, vitamin C can kill viruses,  bacteria, dissolve clogged arteries and even kill cancer cells. On the next  NaturalNews Talk Hour, Owen Fonorow, an orthomolecular naturopath invites you to  discover the healing power of vitamin C.

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A brilliant idea from a member of The  Manhattan Project

Theodore P. Jorgensen, Ph.D. got his physics degree  from Harvard and, during the years of World War II, helped to develop the Atomic  bomb as a member of The Manhattan Project. As crazy as this may sound, Jorgensen  always had an interest in nutrition as well – especially vitamin C. In fact,  just a few years before his death in 2006, he wrote an ‘open letter’ to society  stating:

“a free supply of ascorbic acid to every person would lower  the cost of health care in a major way.”

Who knows – maybe his desire  to help people live a better life was a way for him to clear his conscience,  after helping to build such a destructive device. His open letter is truly  remarkable.

Can high-dose IV vitamin  C (IVC) really help cancer patients?

The research seems to  suggest a resounding yes! Now, I’m not suggesting that vitamin C is the only  thing that needs to be done – especially when we look at the magnificent work of  the Gerson Therapy, Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D., James Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D.,  Thomas Lodi, M.D.(H) plus many others. But, when dealing with seemingly  ‘hopeless’ cases – it’s hard to ignore the positive outcomes using vitamin C  therapy.

For example, Jessica Richards, from England – refused not only  chemo, but also a mastectomy and radiotherapy advised by doctors. Instead, the  55-year-old former model decided that what she needed was a complete diet  overhaul. So, she cut out dairy, upped her vegetable intake and took high doses  of vitamin C.

Within three weeks of starting her intense program, a  medical scan showed her tumor was gone and her latest blood tests came back  normal!

According to Ronald Hunninghake, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of  the Riordan Clinic, “Only markedly higher doses of vitamin C will selectively  build up as peroxide in the cancer cells to the point of  acting in a manner similar to chemotherapy. These tumor-toxic dosages can only  be obtained by intravenous administration.” He goes on to say…

“IVC  can help cancer patients withstand the effects of their traditional therapies,  heal faster, be more  resilient to infection, develop a better appetite, and remain more active  overall. These things promote a better response to their cancer  therapy.”

Finally, according to the Vitamin C Foundation, “We believe  that vitamin C by itself is a relatively weak cancer fighter, but when augmented  with vitamin K3, alpha lipoic acid, and most recently, D-fraction of the maitake  mushroom, vitamin C and these adjunts become one of the most powerful cancer  killers known.”

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