World exclusive: Unacceptable Levels film exposes chemical holocaust now devastating humanity

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Benzene Exposure Diseases

(NaturalNews) An exciting new film has just been announced: “Unacceptable  Levels” exposes the hidden world of toxic chemicals now inundating society and  destroying our health worldwide.
Created by filmmaker Ed Brown,  Unacceptable Levels is a tour de force of groundbreaking information from  the world’s top experts on how trace-level cocktails of synthetic chemicals are  devastating humanity.
This is the film that finally explains what’s wrong  with our food and medical systems and why so many people have diabetes, cancer,  autism, infertility, mental disorders and other degenerative health conditions.  When you see this, you’ll instantly connect the dots in ways that will empower  you to protect your health and maximize your longevity, even in an intoxicated  world full of deadly chemicals and the criminal corporations that sell  them.
This groundbreaking new film is being exclusively launched here at  Natural News, and it is available for a limited time only through as a streaming video (with unlimited lifetime views).

The best presentation yet of the world’s top experts on chemical  toxicity

I consider this a must-see film because it is the first  documentary I’ve ever seen that brings together many of the world’s topic  experts on health, environment, chemicals and nutrition in one place. Although  the film gets off to a slow start — the first 8 minutes are about the personal  lives of Ed Brown and his wife as they struggle with chemically-induced  miscarriages — it rockets to stunning heights soon thereafter, introducing  viewers to a whirlwind of top experts with astonishing “No Way!” moments about  toxic chemicals. By the time you finish watching this film,  your head will be spinning with all the reality-shattering information you’ll  learn about synthetic chemicals, fluoride, psychiatric drugs, plasticizers and  much more.
This film will blow your mind… especially when you start  hearing from John Stauber about how toxic sludge full of heavy metals and  synthetic chemicals was renamed “biosolids” and repackaged as fertilizer to be  spread on the nation’s croplands. Will Allen, author of The War on Bugs, also  chimes in with absolutely mind-blowing information on what the agricultural  industry uses as “fertilizer” these days. You need to learn this information  before you dare buy another bag of so-called “compost” from a garden supply  store.

Give yourself the advantage of knowledge

Even if you’re a regular reader  of Natural News, you’ll find this film packed with new, mind-expanding  information about chemicals you’re unintentionally absorbing — through your  food, environment, personal care products and even household  materials.
Click  here to watch the trailer now.
For a limited time, Unacceptable  Levels is available exclusively through Natural News. The film also uses  elements of our popular fluoride animation, which we gave the filmmaker  permission to include (because we really like this film!).

“Unacceptable Levels” is instantly in my top 10 list of must-see  films

In summary, Unacceptable Levels is a remarkable achievement for  an independent, small-budget filmmaker. Ed’s “guy next door” presentation style  really drives home the point that this issue affects us all. And if the guy next  door is wondering what’s in his water, his food and his personal care products,  then shouldn’t we all be asking a similar question?
Ed Brown is to be  generously commended for his heroic efforts in making this film a reality. I  believe every member of Congress, the FDA, EPA and USDA needs to see this film.  It should be required viewing for anyone in the industries of food,  medicine and agriculture.
That’s why Unacceptable  Levels immediately earns a slot in my top 10 list of must-see films. It  may even be in the top five. Others in my list include Food Matters and  the upcoming movie Bought by Jeff Hays. (On the fiction side, I strongly  recommend Pleasantville, Oblivion and the Matrix, all centered around themes of  “the big lie about reality”.)

Help support the filmmaker and Natural News

Finally, when you purchase  this film through Natural News, you help support both the filmmaker and Natural  News. You are voting with your dollars and encouraging people like Ed  Brown to make more films that dare to tell the truth!
Your support for  Natural News makes this entire website possible, and we also donate a  considerable amount of money to other worthy causes such as GMO labeling  campaigns and the Institute for Responsible Technology (among others).
I  thank you in advance for your support of this film and our efforts to save  humanity from the chemical holocaust that has been unleashed on us all by  criminal corporations who profit from pollution.
Click  here to get Unacceptable Levels now, and you can instantly watch the full  film through our streaming servers (works on virtually all computers and  devices, no special software needed).
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