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Traditional Osteopathic has been around for hundreds of years, long before the medical systems were in place. Traditional Osteopaths are taught to cover a wide range of issues that most therapies and medicines miss. Traditional Osteopathic sessions are hands-on taking the participant [patient] back through their physical timelines to heal what was never completely healed or resolved. For most the original, first trauma or injury which was at birth setting a domino effect of established ritualized muscular mechanics. This sets our bodies up to constantly be damaged in the same areas over our life; breaking connects between the brain and the body so that regeneration does not take place. We then struggle emotionally, mentally, physically and sometimes spiritual to just stay afloat.

Candidates for Traditional Osteopathic are people who have or had poor diets, PAIN, mental, emotional or physical abuse, addictions, illness, and injuries, especially to the head, stress, PTSD and birth trauma.

Traditional Osteopathic is not the same as the western medical version Doctor of Osteopathic it came much later and many do surgery to correct instead of traditional methods of hands-on techniques that are usually passed down through apprenticing.

Sessions are by appointment usually about an hour and at your home so that you can rest after without further daily stresses. For companies that are interested in have Bridgette come on site and have more than 10 participants [patient] please contact about short sessions.

  • First-time visit $75 per person, animals $50 per. Expires December 30, 2017 (Reno, Nevada and outlining areas)
  • Gift Certificates available

Bridgette Travels to outlining areas around Reno cost of sessions will reflect travel time and travel expenses. Bridgette does long distant sessions, consulting and coaching by Skype video that covers health, medicine, nutrition, Biodynamics, farming, and energy healing.

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff has been in the field of holistic medicine in private practice for over 30 years. She specializes in Nutrition, Biodynamic Farming, Energy and Structural Medicine; she lectures and is an educator. Bridgette was brought up in families of holistic methods of health. She has over 25 certifications and studied with groundbreaking doctors, scientists, nutritionists, farmers, ecologist (many of which have become patients of hers) covering all aspects of health relating to Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical health. Bridgette also has worked on professional athletes and is the only one in the USA who does Traditional Osteopathic on animals. Though Bridgette has studied many forms of medicine, healing arts, her work is her own and her work is one of a kind.  She is currently returning back to school for anthroposophy (plant medicine).

Contact Bridgette @ 775.624.7862 or bridgenit@gmail or Facebook as Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff


by Judge Anna von Reitz

Licensing means that you are being given permission to do something that is otherwise unlawful for you to do. Licensing also implies the existence of a king who stands over you and who decides whether or not to grant you the privilege of doing whatever that illegal business or activity is.

For example, acting as a pirate is against the law. However, in England, if the King gave you Letters of Marque to act as a privateer (a pirate) then it was perfectly legal for you to engage in smuggling and robbery on the High Seas or wherever else the King said you could do it. The King as Law-giver could also suspend the Law at will and grant you the privilege — a license — to kill as per James Bond, or to pillage or any other thing.

So, since when has it ever been against the law to be a doctor or to practice medicine in this country?

Answer: after the Civil War laws restricting medical practices and setting standards of education for doctors began proliferating. This was promoted by the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry that wished to get rid of homemade medicine that competed with their products. They also sponsored medical schools with their newly acquired wealth from producing such products as Bayer’s Aspirin and Carter’s Liver Pills and then used these schools as a means of indoctrinating generations of doctors into dependence on their products.

Then, with the rise of trade unionism, we got the American Medical Association, which in effect unionized medical practitioners, and which has — like the American Bar Association — run a closed union shop in violation of the public law for over a hundred years. This was also a good development in the eyes of the early pharmaceutical giants, because it placed the doctors under the thumb of the AMA and of course, the AMA leadership was already on the take from Big Pharma.

The end result for American medicine has been mixed. On one hand, you can be sure that your doctor has been fed exactly all the same information as any other doctor in the country and has passed exams proving that he or she took it all in and knows the standard material. On the other hand, you can also be sure that your doctor has been indoctrinated and literally trained not to think for him or herself too deeply, and has been taught to rely on and use a panoply of Big Pharma products, and yes, is literally bribed to do so. The influence peddling of the pharmaceutical companies has gone so far as to pay outright kickbacks to doctors for prescribing certain drugs.

We have also suffered from “patentability losses”—- the politically correct way of saying that better and less destructive traditional medication based on herbs and essential oils and other traditional medicines are not being researched and made available because they can’t be patented. Big Pharma avoids putting any research or development money into drugs that they can’t own. Literally. As a result, many of the most promising known cures for disease are not being investigated and billions of dollars are being spent instead on manmade molecules that often are nothing but selective poisons that alleviate some symptoms and cause others at the same time.

This country survived at least 300 years of its history with no licensing of medical practitioners at all. It’s a good guess we could survive another 300. The better part of practical intelligence would argue that there is a need to oversee medical practices and procedures and drugs being administered— and the larger question is who or what should do the oversight?

Medicine at its heart is as much of an art as a science, and while it may be possible to establish our “best guess” standards for the science end of it, there is no way to uniformly package or mandate the style of the art.

My own solution is more medical schools, an end to the AMA stranglehold, an end of the Big Pharma racketeering and kickback system, and public investment in institutions that teach and conduct research based on traditional medicine—- hopefully in tandem with our conventional medical schools.

Integrated medicine and its practitioners take the enlightened approach of trying to discern and make use of the best of both worlds–traditional and modern— for the benefit of their patients. After all, if your goal is to cure or to at least effectively help someone deal with symptoms of disease, doesn’t it make sense that you use all the knowledge in the whole arsenal that thousands of years of medical practice has garnered?

I think the answer is a big fat “YES!”

As for regulation of medical practices, I think it is best done by those who practice medicine — the doctors themselves, but I also think that closed union shops and coercion by unions are basically immoral and unlawful, so how do we do away with the bad aspects of the AMA and still retain the good? Perhaps the better answer is a “Medical Better Business Bureau” under the auspices of the Office of the Ombudsman or other Consumer Protection agency, that collects and responsibly publishes verified complaints against doctors and medical institutions. When you pick a doctor or a hospital you would check their ratings, just like you check the Consumer Reports on a lawn mower and their success or failure would then depend on delivering the best prices and most effective services at the least risk to their patients.

That sort of open and public competition lets people and institutions rise and fall according to their performance and the genuine desire to provide the best health and medical care possible.

Which brings up a final point—- health in all its aspects is the true goal of all medical practice, and true health requires much more than a bottle of pills. It requires commitment from patients and knowledgeable patients as well as committed and knowledgeable doctors. Many of the worst and most pervasive health problems we face in this country are self-inflicted as a result of poor nutrition, poor hygiene, and addictions.

My point is that educating the doctors and holding them to high and more or less uniform standards doesn’t create better public health overall, which is the ultimate goal. To promote that goal requires better health education in our schools and in the public venues that are open to us, and a more goal-driven public policy perspective. We need better health and hygiene curriculums in our schools, more education made available through public health organizations, and more support for preventive measures to preserve natural health instead of vast programs to regain what has been lost through ignorance.

The governmental services corporations we have been dealing with “as” governments have been profit-driven instead of being directed by any sincere and practical interest in the Public Good. If it makes them a buck, directly, they go for it. If it saves them (and us) a buck, they could care less. Public Health Education is one of those things that the Public Good demands, but is more attuned to saving us money than costing us money. Just like the Ombudsman’s Office, health education represents an outflow for the governmental services corporations, and though the public benefits greatly, the benefit to the governmental services corporations in terms of savings does not motivate them.

After all, when the governmental services corporations provide services to you, they get to charge for those services. When they invest in keeping you and your children healthy, they see savings in that fewer people are on the public dole or requiring medical care— but that is all the same to them, because they just pass those costs along with their own costs administering welfare programs— on to you. They actually make money on sick people and criminals and drug addicts, so from their perspective, there is no motivation to decrease illness, or crime, or drug use. Quite the opposite.

Until we replace the profit-driven governmental services corporations with actual people-based government, or otherwise devise means by which these organizations change their motivations, we will continue to see increasing ignorance, illness, drug use, and criminality burgeoning as “government industries” now depend on these negative conditions.

As long as we fail in our job to demand good services and to place other motivations in front of these profit-driven governmental services corporations we will continue to get the same results. One possible way to nip this whole situation in the bud is to provide Negative Rewards to the politicians and the corporations they work for– that is, reward them for decreases in criminality, drug use, medical costs, etc., and punish them monetarily for failure to produce results.

Since they are just corporations we have the ability to fire them and hire new people and new organization to provide us with the services we want and need. At the end of the day, the Consumer rules this planet. If the “USA, INC.” isn’t producing the results we need at a price we can afford, then it is time to boot up “Yankee Doodle, Inc.” and see what they can do.

Man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve” ~Erich Fromm

“Stress is a non specific response of the organism to any demand on it.” It’s physical, chemical and emotional. Weakness, tension, fatigue, headaches, aches, lack of focus, depression, being scattered, defensive, denial, self destructive and imbalance are the primary expressions of disruptions within the human. It starts with brain lateralization due to inappropriate stress responses “flight or fight” and inevitably leads to any and every other problem imaginable, it’s pervasive and after many years devastating. Chronic unrelieved stress shows up in the relentless day to day events such as: time pressures, relationship problems, crowded expressways, money worries, chemical pollution, job challenges, drugs, fear, uncertainty, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, insufficient rest, negative self talk, and more. Unrelieved stress forces the human to brain to lock into the dominate hemisphere, the opposite hemisphere becomes passive and partially shuts down (similar to a mild stroke state). Since each hemisphere controls one side of the body; the side control by the passive hemisphere goes weak and the side controlled by the dominate hemisphere contracts. Life energy that normally maintains the body-mind in balance is diverted outward in a flight or fight response. Flight or Fight response is a safety mechanism in the human to respond to life or death events, however more and more it is activated and sustained in daily life causing a downward spiral. If not reversed, it will get your undivided attention.

Non violent communication is a communication process which focuses on three aspects of communication: self-empathy (defined as a deep and compassionate awareness of one’s own inner experience), empathy (defined as listening to another with deep compassion), and honest self-expression (defined as expressing oneself authentically in a way that is likely to inspire compassion in others).

Life coaching is a verbal one on one confidential experience in getting help to deal with inner and outer stresses. You will learn how to locate your intuitive wisdom and establish appropriate boundaries by gain skill in using non violent communication.

Tensegrity also called “magical passes” combine tension and relaxation of the muscles, joints and ligaments in a way that yields a stronger, more flexible, and more “aware” physical body. The intent of the movements is to create a general sense of well-being and purpose in daily life. Individuals disperse energy in their daily lives. The passes are an attempt to restore this energy to the vital centers of the body.

Recapitulating is a procedure of self-healing and is more powerful when witnessed by someone experienced. It is done by reliving the events on one’s past; recollecting one’s life down to the most insignificant detail. The damage is caused by repetitive emotional conflicts, when these conflicts persist they drain one’s vital energy, recapitulation frees us of limitations by reclaiming the energies, feelings we invested in whatever memory of situations we have had.

Astrology charts made by the date, time and location of birth for divination of the influences of the stars and planets on that particular day. Can bring about information for the individual’s life purpose, investing, nutrition, talents, skills, where we came from, how we communicate, how we handle situations and what the future may hold.

Shamanism can bring a deep communication into any situation by adding more pieces to the puzzle that were unseen, for a complete and whole picture. Shamanism links us to all that exists, offers a deep level of respect for life of humans, the earth, animals, insects, plant worlds, mineral kingdoms, the cosmos and the health of all these systems. How the individual systems reflect, supports, is intertwined, complementitive and are necessary for all systems to survive, heal, and experience health and abundance.

Medical Intuitive uses self described intuitive abilities to find causes of Physical or Emotional dis-ease. Intuitive counselor determines area/s of concern from a “holistic” point of view and can give recommendations on life style changes for the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies.

AUP realigns all systems towards balance. Instantly improves coordination, bilateral strength, well being, immune functions, pain management and mental clarity. As a result we become inner directed and able to live a life on purpose.

Restoration Therapy a curative processthat relieves tension in the ritualized muscular mechanics of the physical structure. Can returning the body to a former unimpaired condition after chronic injuries, disease, disorders orders, abuse and stress.

Dowsing used for consulting on the health issues of humans. Dowsing can locate, provide information, insight and healing in the areas of nutrition, allergies, environmental health issues, stress, quality of food and water. Aid in helping us find good energy zones for buy land, building a home, placing a bed, checking the current energies in the places we live and picking the right foods and supplements for our individual needs.

Nutrition principles and practice influenced by Biodynamics and Anthroposophical philosophies.

Musculoskeletal restructuring Altering to effect fundamental change in the ability to move, improve circulation, better nerve and energy conductivity, less tension and increased strength, The musculoskeletal system provides form, support, stability, allowing motion and protecting vital organs. The skeleton provides the stability to a body and its construction; muscles keep bones in place and also play a role in movement of the bones. Chronic pain is a clear indication that your musculoskeletal system is impaired.

Energy Medicine is the ability to use forces of energy to heal health issues, stress issues, emotional issues, and mental issues. Energy is always equivalent to the ability to exert pulls or pushes against the basic forces of nature and the cosmos. Any form of energy may be transformed into another form; there are many forms of energy that can be used. Heal, transform and un-plug old patterns from this life experience and others transforming the energy into new spaces in which current intent can take hold and grow.

of energy intent. Ceremony, adjustment of grids by spiritual methods, colors, sounds, prayer and devising a individualize medicine right on the spot.

ACU focuses opening closed energy flows in the meridian lines which are any pathways along which the body and earth vital energy flow. These lines of energy flow out into the cosmos and back. When we locate energy lines and access the information we can open any blockage that may be creating tension, stress, fatigue, health issues, emotional crisis and a long list of concerns. These lines affect the condition of health, vitality, communication through all systems in our bodies and beyond.

Medicine bundleis a wrapped package used It is usually a collection of various items that might include seeds, pine conifer cones, grass, animal teeth or claws, horse hair, rocks, tobacco, beads, stones, bones, carved items or anything else of relatively small size that possesses spiritual value. Can be crafted to aid in prosperity, death, birth, attracting, protection and anything you need help with.