Body De-Construction Reno (pain management)

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Body De-Construction Reno (pain management)







Body De-Construction

For health and Healing Yourself

Learn simple tools that you can repair the collapse of skeletal system from impaired ritualized muscular mechanics causing the pain. Clean up and release scar tissue and lymphatic system. Chronic injury, stress, pain and disease learn methods to help yourself and your body. The body’s proper alignment which comes from the structure is vitally important to health, emotional stability and spiritual freedom.

Research by Dr. Bruce Lipton shows that if the spinal channel which dictates the outcome of the entire body’s structure stays misaligned that cellular mutation happens which will then create disease/s. This is the underlining issue of all pain (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical) that has gone “properly untreated”.

Tools used: hip rollers and balls of all sizes. I bring hands on education and philosophies for
proper stretching and spine strengthening processes.

This class is held at Idlewild Park Reno, Nevada 89509. This class runs the 3rd Sunday of every month starting April 16 from runs through August 20, 2017 3 pm to 5 pm. $25 per person drop in. Yoga mat and comfy clothes.

For more information contact Bridgette @ or 775.624.7862