Longer Days & Colder Nights

Gardening with Jannie Vaught

Longer days and colder temperatures make the fruit trees happy. Since we had a poor peach harvest last year these cold and cold units, hours of cold, bring hope for a decent peace fruit set for this coming 2018. Winter is the time for this gardener that means research, study and read or read again. And the topic that is top of my list is the Permaculture Zones. You can find them on PermacultureVisions.com. Here is an overview and how I am using this tool to better organize my time in the garden and surrounding area. In permaculture, we break the design up into Zones according to the amount of attention each area requires. 0 through 5. Zone 0 – Home= indoor production (sprouts microgreens and fermentation) and processing of food, waste, water collection, repairs and education. Zone 1 – area outdoors needing regular observation, tending and harvesting eg. plants we can browse and use each day.-intensive garden beds. Zone 2 – Less attention managed areas but with aminals needing daily attention eg. poultry, rabbits, worm bins, orchard trees. Zone 3 – Occasional visited areas with self-fed animals (stock) and seasonal wide-ranging crops eg. corn, wheat, rice, bamboo, pumpkin. Zone 4- Wild food gathering (eg. nuts, native fruits) Wood for fuel, self-seeding trees. Zone 5- Natural area – a rarely visited area, linked with neighboring wildlife corridors. Sometimes managed to reduce the risk of catastrophes ie. fire/polution/drough/ hurricane. Now you have the Zones how do they apply to your homestead or garden area. They may be small places or vast acreage. Take the time to write down the zones on separate pieces of paper and on the top write Zone 0. and the description. Now under this make small boxes and write what needs to be done in these zones at each season. This gives you a good organization for work done in each season you can check off what needs to be done within that zone. For example in Zone 2 – Box for prune fruit trees. Box for a spray with dormant oil. I have then hanging in my mud rood on magnetic hooks so I can see them as I exit the house and refer to them. You may find yourself with more time to spend in the close to the home zone and less time trying to figure out what needs to be done. These are simply some ways to manage your work and time. I find this better than a list. And reusable year to year as well. I am expecting we have a most excellent 2018 garden season. Outgrowing green and organizing for 2018 Jannie

Gardening Planning & Mistakes

Gardening with Jannie Vaught

Garden planning and mistakes are all tools for learning and growing. Over the years we learn as gardeners. We work on getting our soil healthy with so many ways it becomes a full-time job learning what and how. Let’s get back to some basic garden principles. Where do you live and where are you planning on placing your garden or have already paced your garden plot? First, find your growing zone. USDA Plant hardiness zone map is the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a location. The map is based on average annual minimum winter temperature, divided into10-degree F zones. Go to USDA Plant Hardiness zone map. planthardeiness.ars.usda.gov/. Vegetable gardening growing charts, Garden planning guides, Are all abundant to have fee online. And your seed company will have the zones on the seed information. Use the back of the seed package for light needs, spacing and when to plant in the ground. Remember the magic number is 60 degrees soil temperature taken mid-morning 4 inches deep with a reasonably good thermometer, for at least a week. Or local Agriculture office has growing charts available. Many seed catalogs have growing charts and zones in their catalogs. I strongly recommend a garden journal to keep your notes and dates and drawing of your garden and trees from year to ear. I also have homemade chalkboards over my garden bench to be used for watering times and feeding. Be patient and observe the sun at all the seasons. Where and when it rises. You want to try and line your rows north to south for maximum sun and also shading. Plant the smaller or lower growing plants in the front or north side then medium tall plants then the tall plants like tomatoes in cages and peppers then bean trellises in the southern end. Keeping sun-loving plants in full sun and maybe those who like some shade in between the tall rows. I personally have tried every direction and have had some good and not so good results. It is always live and learn and try again.  The last frost date is another important date to add to the list. First and Last frost date for zone 8. The first frost is November 15, Last frost date is March 15 so the chart says. I write this in Big Bold letters in my garden journal. If you are wanting to start tomatoes inside and want them for planting after the last frost date. Start tomato, lettuce and pepper seeds 6 weeks before your last frost date. Start in mid-February. You can prepare your onion plot go in 4 to 6 weeks before your last estimated spring frost this makes it mid-February or at least 20-degree soil temperature. Using onion sets which are last years bulbs which come with no green top and are either white yellow or red, usually, no variety is given or with onion starts which are harvested now and will hold when kept cool and not placed in water or soil till ready to plant. They are available now in our LLano Feed and Supply store. I have started early and had some slow or loss so again use your thermometer and watch the frost. Also, potatoes are coming in soon. The three listed are the only ones I start inside. Remember we have a long hot growing season with plenty of time to get seeds in the ground. We have 238 frost free days. I prefer to start on the later side as I have lost so many starts by starting too early and they get too tall and leggy or I get anxious and setting out to soon and have slow or lost starts. It seems seasoned gardener all have their own most excellent way they grow. Remember these are basic guidelines. Not hard and fast rules. Because in gardening there is the one thing that a guide can’t tell you. It is your own intuition and good old common sense. And some really great neighbors who are more than willing to help with all the experience they too have acquired. I’m out prepping the soil again today. Hope your growing green too, Jannie


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Just When…

Gardening with Jannie

Just when your garden is struggling and your enthusiasm is at an all-time low, something or someone steps into your path and shares with you something that sets that spark alight. This happened this Saturday at our LLano farmers market. Elizabeth Mcmahon “Beth” horticulture county extension agent for Gilespie county, regularly comes to Llano farmers market and has her lovely produce for sale. This Saturday she had potatoes. And not any old potatoes, there were 4 “new to this gardener” varieties available. Purple Viking potato, truly a beautiful purple with lighter colors mottled and swirled. To salon pink. They are creamy white sweet and buttery. All-purpose potato with long shelf life and are scab and somewhat leafhopper resistant. Next, she pulled out Harlequin Gold a new variety that is heat tolerant. Pink and yellow skin mottled, large and good keepers, A beautiful potato. Next came a bag of German Butterball. This has been grown for a long time but new to me. A small round potato with yellow buttery flesh. They say they are good on the grill. I boiled them and did a course mash with lots of butter and sea salt. Fantastic. All of these potatoes she purchased from “Grand Teton organic seed potatoes “online. You will be inspired to see all the variety there and from what she grew I would say they are a good place to get your seed potatoes and again get inspired. Another potato came out of her bag, Mountain Rose, WOW! This one is spectacular. A brand new bright red inside and out. And she said they are excellent for homemade potato chips. Bonus! I will be making some of those. She bought them from “Potato Garden” online. All in all, it has been a very excellent Farmers Market especially when Beth arrives. You just never know when inspiration will arrive just when you need it. And now newly inspired I am planning on these potatoes to go in the garden. Take a minute and go these websites and have a look. Another special treat she sells is Kohlrabi. Let’s take a look at this plant. Greman turnip or Turnip cabbage. Brassica oleracea, a low stout cultivar of wild cabbage. They are a rounded glode from the swollen stem. The leaves are also edible. They taste like a broccoli stem or cabbage heart but sweeter. They come in three colors, pale green, white and purple, all are pale yellow inside. They are often prepared raw such as slaw and strips for salads. And this is a funny looking vegetable. like something from another world, but don’t let that put you off. This is delicious crisp food and grows here just fine. Another one to place on the list for next years garden. And just think I was feeling uninspired. Thank You, Beth Mcmahon, for the inspiration and all the great education and where to get these beauties from! Out growing green and working on the garden journal planner,  Jannie Vaught

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Bridgette (she walks among stars) working in the everything which the 64-dimensional layers exist, she specializes in her own formats, structures, practices in Shamanism.  Bridgette has the ability to travel timelines to find, collect, clear, restore, shift and balance that which she is focused on. She was born into a family of healers, shamans, herbalists, prophets, exorcists in which her early life was enriched in the teachings and work.



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