Urban Farm Project

So long as one feeds on the food from unhealthy soil, the spirit will lack the stamina to free itself from the prison of the body. RUDOLF STEINER


Urban Farm Project’s focus is on creating biodynamically nutritional rich soil for the growing of edible, medicinal plants and incorporating vibration energy through the practice of Shamanism. Shamanism stimulates new awareness towards living being/s. A friendship is made through disciplined practice between the beings and ourselves. The cooperation nurtured in the unified field radiates feelings gratitude and respect. We call it many different words such as magic, intentional response and a miracle. Shamanism as a part of growing food as medicine takes it to the vibration level. Under certain conditions your relationship to a plant being/s can change the poisonous plant to the medicinal remedy that is needed in the present moment as well as access to information on preparation/s. The mindfulness created from a practice of Shamanism becomes built in the energetic realms where all life is and comes from. This is Co-Creation. Though we started in the city “urban” areas we are also in engaged in building to the large scale individual biodynamic farms. Urban Farm Project understands the formation of “Tribal Villages” with modern capacities in sustainable community food production and education centers.

Urban Farm Project continues education through blogging, radio show, hand on in communities, consulting, networking and designing new Tribal Community models in health, medicine, economics, ecology, communication and cooperation in the new world we are developing.

Urban Farm Project offers hands on solutions:

Biodynamic practices

Dowsing in farming can be used to determine nutrient in soil and plants, dietary needs, water sources that cannot be seen as well as quality. Energy mapping for purchase of land, re-tracking negative energies of trespasses to land, home, farm, animals and adjusting them into new energy grids with current resident intention. Companion planting. Can assist us in building systems for animal/s, people and garden areas by locating the right place, using existing power structure lines to enhance health, harmony and well being.

Shamanism in farming can utilize and build relationships with natural forces opening up communication lines to aid in balance of land, home, farm, animal, soil and plant worlds.

Energy Medicine in farming can be used for creating the right ceremony and blessing for a person, the land or farm and animals on the land as well as clearing of old energies and replacing with the new intentions.

Meridian lines for farming cover the whole earth. On our land we can make changes for the better for the whole world. Finding the lines and the information to make the changes in the chi field by using a certain plant, medicine bundle or a stone can change energy currents in the entire line of energy that affects our place in the world, our city, our state, our world and reflects into the cosmos.

Medicine Bundles crafted for long term medicine are used in farming for ceremonies, strength, connecting, manifesting, death, birth, attracting, protection and shifting energy grids.