Food Not Bombs Reno Help, Support, Give & Donate

Food Not Bombs Reno is a self-organized with a common purpose to take care and feed those in the greatest need. We hold a once a week dinner for the homeless at Fisherman Park 1. The corner of Glendale and Galletti. We set up a buffet style dinner with homemade dishes at 5:30 pm and serve the homeless and their dogs. We recently have been sponsored by Pet Co for our needy dogs. We ask anyone interest in bringing a meal out is welcome. Please see the facebook link, or contact Bridgette  775.624.7862 or find the group on Facebook as Reno Food Not Bombs for updates.

Fresh Water homeless under the bridge that we feed do not have access to fresh water, we try to provide them with at least one bottle of water with their meal on Monday nights. We would like to provide a minimum of 200 life straws and containers. Please use Donation button to help. There are around 1500 people along the Truckee River that need daily fresh water. 

Tarps, Rugs, Sleeping Pads, we have many homeless with no shelter.

Shoes hiking boots and work boots, we take new and used, people can dig through their closets and storage units and we would be glad to take what they have, even tennis shoes!

Sleeping bags, Wool Blankets, we take new or used. Just need to be clean.

Socks, Scarves, Hats, Gloves, we take new and used.

Warm Waterproof Outer Layers, coats, pants, sweatshirts, for women and men, mostly men, we take new and used.

Seasonal Appropriate Food Donations for the Food Not Bombs to make Monday night dinner meals out of and Food that can easily be handed out with pull lids. Fruit, nut bars, protein bars, fruit snacks, dried fruit, fruit, instant coffee and hot cocoa mix, instant oatmeal, and nut mixes.

For more information on how you can help in person or at a distance please contact us.

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