On Native Seeds

Every seed is its own individual organism, a superset puzzle piece in the Web of Life. These seeds have seen centuries and some even thousands of years of life, evolution, loss, and war. They carry information from the past. Every sparkling diamond of a raindrop and every golden ray of sun is remembered as they flourish and grow. Each human caretaker is also remembered and retained within the plant. Their people’s culture and history as well as the seeds’ own are entwined within the most amazing form of life amongst the botanical world-the seed. The seeds and plants remember everything and grows while rooted not only in the soil but in the care, history, and culture of its people. These seeds, like many, are facing extinction and a loss of their unique “fingerprints”. While they face this extinction, their history, uses, and people will live on under my tender, dirt covered fingerprints being nurtured and protected.

Stephen Smith, Native Seed Grower


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