The Right Fit Effortlessly

In my dream last night night I was shown my feet in a pair of shoes much more like open heel and toe Birkenstock that were too big for my feet.

They were a yellow tan color. These shoes were about 3 sizes bigger than my feet visually in the dream.

After I woke I began to contemplate about the dream and though someone might think that the dream was talking about “a need to fill bigger shoes” or “bigger shoes to fill” for me because of my personal issues, background and what I know for sure about my life and self.  The dream was leading me towards how I have survived, making things work by creating from nothing and living with far less.

I am extremely greatful for these gifts and lessons working with all the Native teachers I have there was also a deeper lesson I had to learn to do the work I would in the future, which has become now. The ego, self importance, expectations, entitlements die and cannot grow in environments where there is nothing, not enough, survival and it the best breeding ground for medicine, magic and foundations of alchemy.

You either free yourself from the world you see and follow another path or parts of you will crack and break attempting to live like others in this world.

I have friend/s that laughingly make statements such as “you could live off tree bark”, “you can make something from nothing” and while these are good traits to have in this world, I know many people who could not continue to thrive as I have with nothing and would most likely end their lives in the events that I have faced during my 51 years.

In the dream they were showing me, using visuals there was no language which activates the right hemisphere to use a deeper understanding and connect us to our sub conscious mind. During which I discovered that I have always just made things work, whether events, items, or people that have come into my life they were never exactly what I wanted or needed but were no less showed up.

I learned to adapt, work with what is, making a life and utilize what was there. In the dream it was showing me, uncovering and preparing me for something else. Understanding that their is a time for the work I have spent my life doing, living more in poverty, like my family, making it work, adapting it and pulling a Jesus in making nothing into more. This is the basis of the alchemist work. Though many in this world would call it living in “poverty consciousness”.

I believe that this dream is signally a new timeline for me, that now having done the work, I can move towards having exactly what I want, what fits, what can be, closer defining who I am and what I am mirroring and reflecting effortlessly.

I can dream bigger,  have and fill my own shoes that fit perfectly. The days of filling other people’s shoes are over. This is not about prosperity or abundance this is about feeling more confident in who and what I am, knowing that I am the trained, knowing alchemist and being able to wait if necessary for the right, exact, good, perfect event, thing or item to come on my path effortlessly.


Two of my favorite statements that were made by Lynn Andrews in her 3rd book of the original trilogy. I read her book around 1987 and these to statements have stuck with me through my life.

All Things Exist By Agreement

A Life Predicted By Time