Thank You So Much TOM!

I wanted to post this message, it meant so much to me, so much. Thank You so much, Mr. Tom for your beautiful message! It made me speechless and that my brother is hard to do.   Bridgette

Well, I put a good amount of time writing into this little text box and then I lost everything I typed. You don’t need my baggage (though it appears I’ve typed a few words here). Of all the teachers, healers and powerful women I’ve come across you are the most beautiful in voice, mind, spirit, and integrity of choice. I hope that this will help you in your travels as your beautiful voice has helped me in my stagnation. I’ve been “gifted” with challenge after challenge after challenge and have gifted myself with plenty more (perhaps a momentarily optimistic viewpoint). As much as I wish to continue hearing the tone, pitch and frequency of your beautiful and energetic (especially your radio) voice (is not exactly clear to me if you’re staying on rev radio though I think I remember hearing that you were going to leave toward the end of April), I GREATLY APPRECIATE YOUR TIME AND SERVICE on REV-RADIO, YT, and blog.

Absolutely love you (well I love everyone but I really think you’re special). If you ever need someone to help formalize: web-graphics, logo concept, the publication (like pdf or something – I’m no super-pro at publication but am pretty versatile with print media) I do IP or patent drawings (me no like money neither), so anything that I could do for you (I’m thinking along with the terms of pro-bono) would probably be more so a gift to me. I have a feeling you will always have what you need within reach without my stink tho ;/ in essence and to my observation, the truth of an individual is best represented by such. (if it feels right you have my email) and yea, I’ve got lots and lots of stories (petty or not). My pendulum swings to the left mostly, and then well at least I get those windows of clarity every now and again and the occasional divine kick in the right direction even though I’ve ignored or dodged many of those kicks. At any rate, if you go off grid or can use this. I rounded it to a numeral logical 7 (to depict a earth-bound heart). I threw a nine in there cuz nines are cool and the five is all I could afford. I had this one dream encounter (somewhere around/between 2008-2010 perhaps) that took me around 7 years to learn/accept (figuratively) that the entity was Sekhmet perhaps merged with another entity (or perhaps: and then showing/transitioning to a fantastic human form) though to me names are really useless in this respect.

Nothing has quite blown my mind like that dream encounter (at least that I’m remembering at this point). Hearing your voice/truth has been a great help/relief to/for me in a number of occasions I really needed to hear what I did. One thing that has been a strange occurrence to my view is when a human’s soul speaks to another’s (mine), and the body seems to have no idea — whether in a dream or not. I dun no.  I am 42 at this junction. I’ve been anti-social (publicly) pretty much all my life. Trying to grab the proverbial hundreth monkey’s tail [I absolutely love unscripted live radio and the consciousness it amasses @RR—albeit, at times] but well I’ll skip that thought and try/keep this on the up.

At least compared to the seemingly premonition dreams I’ve had. . . THIS WORLD IS PRISTINE STILL in comparison to some of the nasty bad endings one might only imagine if not remember we’ve lived. I could have been much worse by now and we ain’t swimming yet. I am just doing this in case it’s my last chance to do as such okay, I’m out of space now. . . much love to you and yours, Tom