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This is the Blog page for the topics that will be covered in live class, then recorded and added Patreon: Consciousness Of Economics

Why I do not do DNA or other types of upgrade work and now do education and teaching practices so people can achieve what they want based on their intentions, tenacity while building their physical bodies, mental bodies, Emotional Bodies and Energy Bodies.

Emotional and Energy Bodies needing the most amount of work. Why?

Readdressing your power/energy: What you were born with from your mother, What you have given away or has been taken with your permission, What you are left with can be figured out looking at your current health and what your energy field is and what happens when it is empty.

Emotional Body: Where is mine, Why does it need to be closer to my energy body, and more.

Reclaiming: Why it is necessary for long term life and health, and your life after this one. How you lost all the energy to this point.

Reassessing: This has to take place to stop the constant lifestyle choices that keep you in power loss and sickness.

Regeneration: This happens to all of your bodies and is the key to practices like shapeshifting and living indefinitely.

Those are all the topics covered in class. The practices are by private appoint and you can see the website for prices. Each person is working on different things and different places in their lives and health. I do private sessions to take a summary of all the things the person is dealing with and create whole life style steps. Some times, we have so many things that are causing the damage to us and one practice is not going to help. We have to work on all of the aspects together: mind, body, emotions, and energy or spirit systems. This is what I have spent 30 years learning, educating and helping others with.



Holistic Animal Care

For more information or for a private in person or online session: Structural Medicine, Energy Medicine, Holistic & Alternative Medicine, Nutrition & Diet, Herbal Medicine, Life Style Coaching and more. Contact Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff  @ ~ Skype: Bridgneit ~