20 Minutes with Bridgette June 2, 2020~Crown Chakra

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Crown Chakra - The Seventh Chakra in 2020 (With images) | Chakra ...

It is the meeting point between the finite (the body and the ego) and infinite (the universe and soul).

It is the place where time and timelessness intersect and where death and eternal life meet.

The thousand petal chakra embraces an attitude of gratitude for one’s life.

When we realize that everything is interconnected and that we are part of the larger scheme of life, we begin to live with gratitude, faith, and trust, rather than filled with fear and anxiety.

We are guided by the higher power and we feel divinity from within and from without.

The challenge of this chakra is to liberate the spirit – open to the divine – and at the same time stay firmly rooted deep in the ground.

Crown Chakra at a glance:

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara – thousand petal
Element: No element, or thought
Color: Violet or white
Shape: Round scullcap
Petals of the lotus: One thousand
Seed sound: Ah
Vowel sound: Ngngng
Rights: To know and to learn
Endocrine gland: Pineal gland
Physical association: Central nervous system, cerebral cortex
Psychological function: Awareness, understanding
Identity: Universal identity
Developmental stage: Throughout life
Challenge: Attachment
Plane: Truth, reality
Planets: Uramis
Deity: The guru within
Mythological Animal: Eagle
Incense: Myrrh
Herb: Gotu Kola
Sephira: Kether


I am adding links here to go back and review the information I gave in the Root Chakra: http://coe-llc.com/2020/04/09/20-minutes-with-bridgette-april-9-2020-root-chakra/

Why The Breaker box called the Chakra would Shut down, blow a fuse or not get enough power flow out of the energy body through the breaker box or chakra into the physical body:

Structural Nis-alignment, Diet, Mental or Emotional Breakdowns, Nutrition, Tension/Stress Long Term, Illness, Brain Function, Systems, and Diaphram Collapsing, Clothing, and Restrictions, No energy or power left in Energy Body.

Physics of Seven Chakras and How to Balance 7 Chakras Correctly

The power of the crown chakra is from the unspoken relationship to all things. Native people use song, drums, rattles to ring the nations above, around and below. The feelings we generate can also be part of the unspoken, without words that bring to us, push away, destroy, transmit, receive out of the crown chakra. when we are not connected or the heart bridge is not open and all the bodies, chakras are not aligned the crown chakra will transmit the chaos in us into the cosmos, around us and below us.

The crown chakra is where we would tape into such things are the Akasha Records, the great computer in the sky/creator, cosmic data, the stream of all things, and more. You need to fully connect within, to be fully connected without, which means you may think you are connecting to the past, present, and future data streams but you are not. Be careful of people you may go to that would provide you such information as well. People can hallucinate for numerous reasons, even nutrient deficiencies can cause hallucinations that are not connected to anything but a mind that is not stable, hormones out of balance.

Be wary of channelers as well.  It takes an enormous amount of work to be connected to the right/good things in the right/good way. ~ Bridgette

Why you should not listen to CHANNELED BULL CRAP LIES!!!!!

Juan Matus told Carlos Castaneda that Genaro, a Mazateco, “was just now embracing this enormous earth . . . but the earth knows that Genaro loves it and it bestows on him its care. . . . This earth, this world. For a warrior, there can be no greater love. . . . This lovely being, which is alive to its last recesses and understands every feeling. . . .” ~

Many years ago, the Great Spirit gave the Shawnee, Sauk, Fox, and other peoples maize or corn. This gift arrived when a beautiful woman appeared from the sky. She was fed by two hunters, and in return, she gave them, after one year, maize, beans, and tobacco. “We thank the Great Spirit for all the benefits he has conferred upon us. For myself, I never take a drink of water from a spring, without being mindful of his goodness.” ~

At the center of all of the creation is the Great Mystery. As Black Elk said:

When we use the water in the sweat lodge we should think of Wakan-Tanka, who is always flowing, giving His power and life to everything. . . . The round fireplace at the center of the sweat lodge is the center of the universe, in which dwells Wakan-Tanka, with His power which is the fire. All these things are Wakan [holy and mystery] and must be understood deeply if we really wish to purify ourselves, for the power of a thing or an act is in the meaning and the understanding. ~


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