Blue Heron gave me a drive by today…

Great Blue Heron on a "low pass fly-by! " | This is "FULL FR… | Flickr

Today I finally got out and down to the river, a quiet section, slow-moving part of the river with my dog GIN. The fires have been keeping us in. This section of the river is out of the main area of town. It was so soothing to step into the river and wade around in the sun, looking at all the gorgeous grasses, trees, and plants on the banks. Was exactly what I and my girl needed.

We pressed down and an overgrown path to one of our favorite spots, when we got to the bank we stepped into the river and gently moved to the center. Gin swims behind me as I wade around the river, crossing from bank to bank as I look at medicinal plants, trees, and nature. It is usually a magical day when we get to go.

Today we stepped into the river, we started wading almost to the middle of the river on our way across and from upstream this huge blue heron was flying towards us, downstream and about 3 feet above the water.  Gin and I just stopped, out mouths hanging open at how huge this bird come towards us is. The bird flew so close to us and a bit further downstream from us and it landed on rock piling in the middle of the river. I kept hearing myself say WOW, WOW, It was definitely a spirit bird. It stood and watched us. We continued our way across the river, meanwhile, I was connecting internally to the bird and the good spirits I wanted to speak with the bird to know what the message it was bringing me was.

I was told that the delivery is coming, when I asked for me details I was told to just be patient, live fully, relax, take care of myself and to get out more and more in nature until the delivery comes. They are also wanted to know that they are watching over me, looking out for me, and not to worry. It is on its way. Whatever it is I suspect that it might finally be the life I have been building since 2003 might be on route. Whatever it is I will be in deep gratefulness to all loving beings for their brilliant work behind the scenes for me and others.


Native American Totems: Blue Heron