Blue Heaven Imagination

Suppose that we are able for one moment to forget all the external impressions, all memories, all cares, and troubles, and yield ourselves to the single impression of the blue heavens.

What I am now saying to you can be experienced by every human soul that fills the necessary conditions, this can be a common human experience.

Suppose a human soul gazes in this way, that at nothing but the blue of the sky. A certain moment then comes, when the blue of the sky ceases to be blue. When we no longer see blue or anything that could be called blue in human language.

Turning our attention to our own soul – when blue ceases to be blue to us an infinity enfolds for us, and for this infinity, we experience a quite different mood, a quite different feeling, a quite definite sensation pours into the emptiness where the blue has been before.

We could name this soul feeling or sensation – one-word ” devotion”. A devote feeling in our soul, a feeling of pious devotion toward infinity.

Rudolph Steiner

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