In Language as Sacred Tools [Excerpt]

“It is funny when I write a small text on wisdom in our Norse tongue it the wyrd/wisodm-wagon called vishet .. ..the interesting connections to this word and our forefathers and foremothers sacred societies is that ‘-het’ is “carrior-wagon” that is glued to wyrd’s that like ‘vishet’ decribes the “quality+in-action” is “what are you called” is the prefered way to as “what is your name” in Norse tongues.. ..we have “what is you name” since we also are trained in the Roman cult of “conduct business in the worlds of the sewers/under-world/”the-dead-orating”.. ..but the classical and really Norse/>Germanic way is “what called (are) you?) as in “to call the soul and spirit and simultaneously this -he-/-het-/-hed-/-hel- suffixes and/or prefixes or in the middle of wyrd’s combination are among our most sacred (sacred=helig) as sacral (sanctified/sacral/sacred helgad) weekend (the sacred rest=helg) “holy sacred holiday”=högtid/helg) honour (honour=heder) law in honour of word as “heithen-dom” (hedendon ..witch in real says “-“domen/house/business” in the word of honour and eternal shame the one who breaks his word/promise/deal-he-agreed-to)..

..our sacred whoe means a sacred location ..most often on the actual heather/heath with earth-works, mounds, cairns, erected stone formations, petroglyphs and sacred gathering houses just like a “church parish house for the church coffey after the wedding or what-not..

..vis in our cultur follows” ones self decide/decision/call-to-judge/a-judicate” (egendom (egen+dom) where egen means self/onew-own (my own as in possesion) or straigh up just means “mine” is if carried over to english: egendom: (my)-own-to-judge/decide..

..the unique balance between society and family/self has clear ideas of a golden-ratio-balance wherein benefit of one (self/society) the other (self/society/family) must have the eternal moral/ethic/traditions/higher-mora-value-balance as the “cut” of the “stick” to reach the golden ratio is “62 % of all” ..if no less than 38 % of “the realm/existence” is marked up on either side there most likely is a “parasitic entangling component” foreign to culture/traditions and moral values building our societies for us and the parasite has started its infestation and will leave when you are dead and gone ..only for a new host/society to “wampire on”..pär, 2:53 AM..the beauty of words/wyrd’s (history/tradition/sacred carrier wagon of wise signs/vibrations) is quite stunning once one bore down to the right level.. share is almost like “soundscapes/shapes” as in “sharescapes/share shapes/honoursharing” in the greater good and our part of the eternal struggle between building/order and destruction/chaos.. ..nature/creation inherently/honour-wyrdly contains both.”

Par from Sweden

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