Your Preference and Occurrences

You have come to the knowingness that the perfect thing is going to occur. Not that a particular thing is going to occur, but that the perfect thing is going to occur. Not that what you prefer is going to occur, but that which is perfect is going to occur.

And, as you move towards mastery, these two become one.

Something occurs, and you prefer no occurrence other than what is occurring. It is your very preferring of whatever is occurring that renders that occurrence perfect. This is called, “letting go and letting God”.

A master always prefers what occurs. You, too, will have reached mastery when you are always preferring what is occurring. God

But…but…that is the same as having no preferences at all! I thought that You’ve always said, “Your life proceeds out of your intentions for it.” If you have no preference, how can this be true? Neale

Have intentions, but don’t have expectations, and certainly don’t have requirements. Do not become addicted to a particular result. Do not even prefer one.  Elevate your Addictions to Preferences, and your Preferences to Acceptances.

This is the way to peace. That is the way to mastery.  God

Taken from the book: Friendship with God ~ an uncommon dialogue ~ Neale Donald Walsh

Communion with God conversations with god Neale Donald Walsch

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