Adverse Medical Drugs & Ghostwritten Medical Research

I was sent this video a few weeks back, the problem was that the file apparently was too large though short video to get it to upload anywhere on the internet so I could share it. I have had to take it down to 3 parts in order to even get it onto my blog. I just wanted those who view them to know what has happened. However, this information was so, so, so important to share with those who still believe medicine is their friends and based on science.
I have spent 30 years whistleblowing allopathic western medicine. I have spent 30 years in private practice educating my clients, participants in their own health, recovery about natural health, diet, structure, and energy medicine. I have spent 30 years getting people off medical drugs and onto medicine nature makes and beefing up with nutritional support systems. I have helped, worked on the people and animals destroyed by the system half dead when they found me, in pain of the torture and modulation that they have suffered and in the end were turned into a liability from the damage suffered and tossed out like trash.
Finally, the truth is coming to the surface, remember to always find the right healthcare practitioner for you and your family, one that has experience in curing their own pain, illnesses this will make them worthy of your life and well-spent incomes.
Blessings, In Innerstanding and Truth,
ghostwriting: write (material) for someone else who is the named author.
Is ghostwriting illegal: Because ghostwriting is NOT illegal! … The only problems with ghostwriting are when outright lying is involved, or unethical practices are followed. Such as an academic student hiring a ghostwriter to actually write their doctoral thesis. It’s okay ethically for a ghost to edit, do light research and proofread a thesis.
What is another word for ghostwriter: composer, coauthor, cowriter, drafter
Which word means ghost or spirit: (or specter), spirit, spook, vision, wraith
Why do authors use ghostwriters:  often, living an extraordinary life doesn’t mean that writing about it is easy or even possible, so authors and ghostwriters make incredible bedfellows that produce life stories. The former brings the story and the latter brings the writing ability and experience.

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