Nevada Unemployment has Embezzled Your benefits!

UPDATE: August 9, 2021: Today I found out that it is a civil rights violation! 

You can also file your complaint with the federal gov dealing with civil rights violations:

If you are in Nevada and had problems with Nevada Unemployment of any kind in the last year and a half getting your benefits especially the ones you were approved for:

Fill out this complaint form with the US Treasury

And contact the Federal Labor Department and file a complaint

There is no “real” agency that oversees the State Unemployment, we need to have our voices heard.

Nevada Unemployment and personnel are criminals, they are all lying, the website lies they need to be investigated for theft, fraud, embezzlement, and treason against the citizens of Nevada.

  1. the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.
    “They were convicted of treason”
    the action of betraying someone or something.,not%20less%20than%20%2410%2C000%3B%20and

People are dying as a result of not getting their unemployment, we are being forced out of our places to live on the streets, not being able to pay for the medicine for many of the health issues, and much more. Hold these people accountable.

These people are not individually protected by the state and can be held accountable and having committed a crime for the state they can go to jail and have their assets taken.

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