Camping Pedicure

One dish washing bucket, one dollar scrub, healing salve, pumous toilet stone, one pair of socks, a book and your after shoes.

Cool but not cold water but if you have mani pause add ice cubes!

I added lavender essential oil shampoo as the suds, like a tablespoon.

Make sure you have all your items you will need. This is a basic. A lawn chair to sit in comfortably.

Add water to dish tub.

Put feet in. I had calluses on calluses. I soaked for 30 minutes and went back and forth with continued soaking in the foot I was not working on. Read book while soaking.

The wind may blow leaves into the water pay no mind. Just soak.

Take one foot out at a time of the water. Take dollar store scrub about a teaspoon and rub on ankle, foot, between toes and scrub and rub until your foot feels loved. Put foot into water and rinse off. Do the other foot and rinse.

Now pumous stone those heels to death and whatever build up on other parts of your feet.

Lastly take out of water let feet dry a bit, not too long or you will loose that moisture built up in tissues from soaking.

Add slave or oil or your favorite lotion, I am using a salve I made last year for medical emergency kit pack thing. It has sage brush, mugwort, horsetail and flowering peppermint infused oil that I wildcrafted and allowed plants four months to cure in oil. I then added bees wax from local bee keeper that still had pollen and propalis in. Anti bacterial, anti fungal, mugwort has lots of vitamin E which heals and soothes skin and the horsetail it provides that longevity mineral silica. Rub on whatever you have. Talk to your feet and give them greatfulness for what they do for you all day everyday.

Put a very thin soak on to hold in moisture and allow the slave to soak in all the way. Put on your shoes and off you go to chop that fire wood.

I case you do not want to wait till you are camping, just go out into the backyard and try it!

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