Crystal Light Beings to the Rescue!

Today is yet another day that the beings from other worlds, reflective beings that travel in and through the light have come to my aid, today two beings intertwined arrived to help me with healing my Gin.

Gin since I rescued her about 10.5 years ago has always had autoimmune issues. She came from a meth house where they made meth. I saved her when she was 5 months old.

Over the years she and I have both had cancer, kidney issues, and respiratory stuff as well. Over the years we have healed it all alternatively. This last tumor that emerged about 10 months ago, clearly a GMO tumor has not been that easy to get rid of and after months of constant natural medicines, I finally decided to give up and just focus her life and my life on her HAPPINESS and use that as the healing agent.

Not three days later once I gave up on trying to fix her, save her, and heal her again, the beings came, two of them.  When will people understand that the SUN or SON are the same things and beings traveling the rays of light come to aid us when we allow.  You can find several blogs on my site here that shows these beings coming to me all the time.

Today I was busy working away, I might have almost missed the healing in progress if I had not gotten up to get something to drink. I looked over at her and they were with her, on her, with their meridians like points of light and the connectors of light as well. I know a miracle is in progress. I think that they use us, Gin, and I as a vehicle to show others that these beings are around.


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