How DEEPLY Must we use Detachment…

Several mornings ago I woke up thinking about the crucifixion of Christ. the whole visual of a man nailed on a cross, hanging there in severe pain, beaten, bleeding, literally tortured to death. I use to look at this as the symbol of the evildoers reminding us about the levels they will go to if they want. That this symbol that is in every church on the walls was a reminder to me everytime I saw it the being on this cross we are mind-controlled into thinking that he is going to save us, me. Visually look at what these evil madmen have done to him, real or made up.

There is also this probing sentence that I have always remembered since my summers of Pentecostal events with my Grandmother who was a full-scale prophet and exorcist.

We seem to separate what we are told and read with the real image. This is why we cannot grasp and are even in shock when the horrors of this world some of us actually touch and are like the images of Jesus and tortured in this way.

The sentence that is another such eminder to me, something that Jesus was reported to have said in the red section of most modern bible points out: “Continue to work out your own SALVATION with Fear and Trembling”

I am on my own and it is clear what kind of work I am doing here in this world.

On that morning several days ago, I became really clear about in this world that our detachment has to go so deep that we could detach in any event so that I would never feel or respond mentally, emotionally, or spiritually to harm while we are being physically abused, assaulted, beaten, even having our flesh ripped off and dragged naked over gravel roads until we cannot stand. The highest order of torture that someone like Jesus could have, would have suffered. This is where I think the aim should be for our detachment and expectation of this being possible in this world to us.

The question is how do we dive that deep down in order to release, prepare for our attachment to the violence, brutality, hate, rage that is done to us? Me, I lean towards ancient shamanism teachings I have learned over my life, I also embrace other teachings on such innerstandings. The answer may be different to all of us and at certain times along our path, we may need to use different types of shoes “meaning” spiritual teachings.

What I know for sure is that everywhere I have been in this world has shown my symbolically what this world is about, what it will do to me, how it will do it to me, meaning while controlling the narrative that it is a world that is fair, nice and other nonsense.

This year in March 2021 is when I came out on my radio show about being human trafficking. I spent most of my life wrapping my head around it. I have also suffered many other ways over my life that I will not bring up.

Can we be in total peace at all times, in a state of connectedness even when the most horrific things happen? Can we be fully conscious during? The even bigger question is can I detach so deeply that I can be fully conscious in the midst of the most violent thing that could happen to me living in the everyday world and not in a cave?


Steiner believed that humans once participated more fully in spiritual processes of the world through a dreamlike consciousness but had since become restricted by their attachment to material things. The renewed perception of spiritual things required training the human consciousness to rise above attention to the matter. The ability to achieve this goal by an exercise of the intellect is theoretically innate in everyone.

In Buddhist and Hindu religious texts the opposite concept is expressed as upādāna, translated as “attachment”. Attachment, that is the inability to practice or embrace detachment, is viewed as the main obstacle towards a serene and fulfilled life.

The History of Buddhism and Activism - Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

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