Reading of Global & Cosmic Energy November 28, 2021

“I cured with the power that came through me. Of course, it was not I who cured, it was the power from the Outer World [CREATION], the visions and the ceremonies had only made me like a hole through which the power could come to the two-leggeds.” Black Elk

Theme This Week is about the Alignment of your WILL. I am posting part of a series I did on the energy points in the body or what you might hear called chakras. Each one covers a point giving you information on what that area contains, does, and how you can use them more effectively once you have some innerstanding about such things. Even the most advanced might find some interesting tidbits. This series I did for the year of covid to help people focus on other things, healthier things.  You “Will” focus on the direction of your physical vessel. When we no longer resist or fight against what we do not want, our vessel becomes aligned with the divine WILL, the divine order. Divine Order is the law of Nature, the Creator’s creation. When you align your will with the divine will you become a Co-Creator of this reality. No longer shackled.

Sunday, November 28, 2021, Global Energy Check: Bondage versus Bonding. What are you physically connected to? What are you mentally connected to? What are you emotionally connected to? What is your spirit connected to? What do you want to be connected to? [HOMEWORK for the week.[

Sunday, November 28, 2021, Cosmic Energy Check: Strife versus Emanation. Are you fighting with everything around you? Nothing feels natural? You, my friend, are in strife, strife is living in your body from the outside to the in. Emanation is the Divine Spirit radiating from your inner body to the outside world. What, How, What Where are you aligned? The inside or the outside? Where are you aligned?

Emanation: an abstract but perceptible thing that issues or originates from a source, the action or process of issuing from a source, a tenuous substance or form of radiation given off by something.


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