Reading of Global & Cosmic Energy December 4, 2021

This week’s quote is from the oldest people on this plain, the Hopi’s. “When the war inside ends, the war outside will end.” `Hopi’s

Theme This Week is about Arraignment versus Arrangement. We put ourselves on trial in our minds until we create some form of trial outside of us to prove we are innocent or in many cases guilty. Competition and perfectionism have us so focused on the past, arraignment is a past word, what are you arraigning yourself about or others, or is the world reflecting this back to you in some way about how far you have taken these punishments against yourself. When have you suffered enough? Who or what are you arraigned with? What will ultimately be your punishment and have you really done anything in your life worthy of that action? You have to end the mental war inside, to end the entrapments and hooks of the war outside. The war outside may never change, but it is about you that changes in your reaction to it by your reactions, thoughts about yourself. Free your mind (the Matrix). Arraignment with yourself and your life or make a new arrangement (future word) in the now for the future?

ar·raign: call or bring (someone) before a court to answer a criminal charge: bring to trial, denounce, sue, put on trial, take to court, sue, bring an action against, lay charges against, file charges against, prefer charges against, 
summons, cite, accuse of, charge with, impeach, have the law on, do, inculpate, acquit. Find fault with (someone or something); censure.
ar·range: put (things) in a neat, attractive, or required order: put in order, 
order, set out, layout, spread out, array, present, put out, display, exhibit, 
group, sort, organize, tidy, position, dispose, marshal, range, align, line up, rank, file, classify, categorize, systematize, methodize, triage. Organize or make plans for (a future event).
Sunday, December 4, 2021, Global Energy Check: We do not know what makes us happy really. Everything we have been taught to think, do, feel and be is been adopted to us by those who pull the levers behind the curtain, when we look out, and into it, we see only a mirror reflection of our minds, the mitote,  smoky mirror.

Sunday, December 4, 2021, Cosmic Energy Check: I tried to focus on the love but it is not working???? LOVE/OPPRESSION duality from one extreme to the other. The middle road must be found. Balance is the place where the Divine can speak to you bringing realization which will spark your next action. Stop your flip-flopping and hold your attention /Realization to bring forth the good intent/Action.


Toltec Wisdom and How to Tame the Parasite in Your Mind

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