Claiming What is MINE!

I ask and Demand the Creator, Ancestors, Good Spirits, the higher evolved beings operating in light, goodness, fairness release right now of all categories of assets to me. Balancing the scales internally, externally, astrally, etherically, physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and in resources and or monetarily. This shalt be done NOW, at this moment on this day December 17, 2021.

All doors are NOW open, windows, roads in, between heaven or earth and all places and spaces.

All points of the flow of resources are opened, all blocks, all paths cleared and flowing to my accounts, my hands, and my life NOW, anything or anyone standing in the way of the flow of assets, money, resources, settlements, payments, credits, tokens, to me, have NOW been removed and restrained from further oppression, NOW!

I NOW Prosper in all ways, in a good way, I NOW Prosper in all things, in a good way, I Now Prosper in all deeds, in a good way. I Now Prosper in all past unpaid, unbalanced, blocked, stolen, withheld, false accounting, black listing, imposed hardship, fraud, in a good way.

The constant, perfect flow of money, resources, gifts, donations, coins, tokens, assets, metals, gems, agriculture, frequencies flowing into my hands, my bank accounts, my life, NOW!

I am paid for the work, suffering, violence, labor, assistance that I have done and completed, from my birth to Today December 17, 2021, Now!

And it is so.

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