Update Bridgette on Moving into my Van January 14, 2022

I anyone wants or needs an at-home session in the Reno area before I go let me know ASAP. Best to email me: bridgenit@gmail.com or contact me on FB @ Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff

As the exit date for my being out of the fifth wheel approaches, I have looked at a lot of possibilities. I appreciate everyone contacting me about so many ideas, thoughts, links, prayers,s, and suggestions.

After looking, weighing, feeling out everything, fisablity, and logistics I have decided on heading to Quartzsite AZ a community of people who weather out the winter together. I can be down there for several months, about April and then I can figure out what will happen next.

This will get me out of the freezing cold of Northern Nevada and off the curb and into a 70 to 80 by day warmth weather camping in desert style with this community of people. Recently I found out that unemployment is just not going to pay. I have been waiting on this a long time.  If anyone in the area wants to get worked on, home visit before I head out, I would appreciate it. I am in the process of raising the money to make it down there. 14-hour drive about in a Van that still overheats after driving for a while, despite having had someone fix it several times.

I will be paying bills like a tablet on a data plan so I can still make contact with people and be in touch, I would have several bills I need to pay, gas, and a bit of cash just in case.

I am actually looking forward to the warmth big time, looking forward to like-minded people who have gone through similar things I have, looking forward to resting with my girl GIN, hiking, and rest.

My kidneys have taken on some damage this last year from being punched in the left kidney by a man I was caretaking last December 2021 and the amount of personal stress has been off the rails for me also impacting them. I could not survive the snow, ice, and freezing temps in my van this winter where I am.

I am emotional, have moments of terror, moments of clarity, and moments where do I start, what do I prepare for, what will I need and well you can imagine. Camping at Quartzsite is free all year, but too hot of conditions starting in April. By then I will either follow the picking of the growing season northeast or be heading to Laramie Wyoming my forever home.

If anyone out there can Donate or help out I would appreciate it. I would like to actually get this moving fast than the last-minute take-off point, which is last minute January 14, 2022.  I also really have to watch the weather and catch that best timing window to head that way, my van is a 2 wheel drive and snow and ice, well you can do the math.

In case you are not sure what is going on, I briefly discussed it here, more to come: https://coe-llc.com/2021/12/28/expansion-at-all-costs-to-break-free/

Thank You,  Thank You, and Thank You… Looks like I might get to survive into the New Year.


There is a donation Paypal link on this website at bottom of the page, I am not sure my coinbase crypto link is working, but I can always send a wallet link in whatever crypto would like to be sent. Also here is the PayPal mail email: ministryofconsciousnessnevada@gmail.com If you say I am friends and family they will not charge me for the money. and or this link to, they all go to the same Paypal account https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/MOCN

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