How to use TWO Feather Healing formula topically on giant GMO tumor

I have been using Two Feathers for years. Living in the Reno Area I also have known Robert who sells it for years. This will be the second time I healed my dog from not only cancer but this GMO tumor she currently has. These are ideas on how to use it topically which means from the top of skin into the body.

The last time I used it was to cure an internal cancer tumor in my dog, she is now 12 and I have always treated her holistically as I do myself. I am a Traditional Osteopath of 30 years, a Nutritionalist, Herbalist, and Biodynamicists, who dabbles in Anthroposophy Medicine.

Allopathic or Western Medicine is deadly and lethal unless you have an emergency like bleeding out or broken bones. The same goes with the veterinarian approach.

Follow these simple instructions by images.

First clean or in this case shave area:

Next, use a few dabs of water on the area, apply a pinch of two feathers, rub around to cover the area:

Allow time to dry and for my dog, I add a loose cover to keep it from being knocked off, it does stick really well once dried. I am applying at least once a day sometimes I might get two times in a day:

Remember to keep applying every day till the tumor falls off, out, or dries up completely. How do you know if the whole tumor is gone?? when the skin looks normal or closes itself up.

Anything is possible while using this product and what I mean is the tumor will take several paths to leave and this is normal.

You can also use this on not only topical tumors but skin cancers and moles.

You can use inside for cancer inside you cannot see, parasites, inside tumors, candida which causes tumors, and most tumor kinds of cancer.

Please do me a solid and let Robert know I sent you…

BRIDGENIT: Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff

To buy Two Feather Healing Formula from my friend Robert who has been selling it for over 35 years, made by Native people, thousand year old medicine:


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