Pine Needle Fermentation

When I can get into the hills and mountains like to collect wild native plants and tree medicine that I cannot get here on the desert floor.

I have been drinking variations of pine needle teas for some years now and recently wondered what would happen if I made a pine needle fermentation.

Fermentations are the chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeasts, or other microorganisms, typically involving effervescence and the giving off of the heat. Fermentations can be made with just about anything: meat, dairy, veggies, herbs, the sky is the limit really.

A few of my favorite books:

I did a simple fermentation, large jar, a material cover of natural fiber, pine needled fresh, ginger root fresh, Himalayan salt, honey local, purified water.

I chopped fresh ginger root leaving on the skin placed it in the jar.

I chopped the pin needles and the limbs and placed that into the jar.

I added several pinches of salt.

I added the water to about the top.

I added the honey.

I placed it in a good spot out of direct sunlight, away from the air blowing on it.

I covered it with a cotton cloth in this case a flour kitchen towel which I folded several times and put over the top of the jar. And wait…

I use mason jars, eventually, I hope to splurge for a crock. I have had many jars explode with glass all over because I did not manage the pressure of the content inside daily. I do not lid my ferments anymore.


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