A Class for Pain Management-Body DeConstruction 2020

Body De-Construction a Class for Pain Management and Structural Restoration

Who can this benefit: people who have or had poor diets, PAIN, mental, emotional or physical abuse, stress, fatigue, panic attacks, anxiety, MS, fibromyalgia, addictions, illness, and injuries, especially to the head, stress, PTSD, birth trauma, and athletes. People attending classes will increase flexibility, circulation of blood, lymphatic/s, cerebral fluid, bilateral strength; release ritualized muscular mechanics and the six major diaphragms. Reduction of pain, tension and improve breathing. 13 years of age and up.

When: This class changes weekly to incorporation new ideas, methods for managing pain and structural restoration. Though it generally has the same outline for the duration, each class is unique. 

February 1 focus will be on head, neck & thyroid (where auto immune starts) regions of the body. 

February 15 focus will be on these regions of the body: Shoulders, arms, hands, heart, lungs, digestive, k-27 & inflammation (what is it).

March 7 focus will cover these regions of the body: torso, thoracic, pelvis, kidneys, liver, adrenals & diaphragms (why the are so important). 

March 21 focus will cover legs, feet, colon, sacrum, bladder, knees & letting go (how unconscious indecision affects everything). 

Where: Reno Hive ~ 100 N. Arlington, suite 200 ~ Reno, Nevada 89501 775.277. 3533

Cost: $15 per Class, drop IN

Time:  2 pm to 4 pm PST

What will each person need: Each Person will need loose clothing, beach towel, yoga mat, and a pillow.

Why: the body’s proper alignment which comes from the structure is vitally important to health, emotional stability and spiritual freedom. Research by Dr. Bruce Lipton showed that if the spinal channel which dictates the outcome of the entire body’s health; if the spine stays misaligned eventually cellular mutation will happen. Misalignment of spine and its symptoms can include: disease, mental illness, anger, stress, headaches, fatigue and an assortment of emotional responses. This is the underlining issue of all pain, loss of strength, focus (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical) that has gone “properly untreated” and misalignment for years.

How: People will learn simple tools that they can use to recover, repair and restore the collapse of the skeletal system causing pain, illness, stress and tension. Using balls, hip rollers and proper stretching methods clean up, release scar tissue and get your lymphatic system operating.

Workshop Leader: Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff’s work in “Energy and Structural Medicine”, Traditional Osteopath, Nutrient, Herbalist, Structural Acupuncture, Alphabiotics, System Reboots, Food as Medicine and Shamanism. She has been teaching for 15 years and in private practice over 25 years. She is registered with the International Medical Intuitives. Bridgette cured herself of brain cancer and while doing so she had to take a hard look at what was missing in information about health and healthcare. Bridgette’s continued education making corrections for her own health and others over the years. Bridgette’s work in pain management extends to chronic injury, illness, disease, stress, abuse, brain chemistry, environmental toxins, lifestyle, upbringing, and surgeries. Bridgette does long distant sessions, consulting and coaching by zoom that covers health, herbal, diet, medicine, nutrition, biodynamics, farming, energy and hands-on healing for people (infant to adult) animals. She also hosts her own radio show Carrying Stones & Digging Holes. 

For an private assessment/session/s by appointment contact Bridgette 775.624.7862 or consciousnessofeconomics@gmail.com

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