Hitler’s Bell UFO Flying Video

Original Footage of the Bell UFO Flying

Die Glocke (German: [diː ˈɡlɔkə], “The Bell”) was a purported top-secret Nazi scientific technological device, secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe. First described by Polish journalist and author Igor Witkowski in Prawda o Wunderwaffe (2000), it was later popularized by military journalist and author Nick Cook who associated it with Nazi occultismantigravity and free energy research. Mainstream reviewers have criticized claims about Die Glocke as being pseudoscientific, recycled rumors, and a hoax. Die Glocke and other alleged Nazi “miracle weapons” have been dramatized in video games, television shows, and novels.

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Bible: Dragons & Serpents: Consciousness

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Snake-human Hybrids | Mammalian Hybrids | Biology Dictionary

Snake worship - Wikiwand

Carrying Stones & Digging Holes Radio Show July 17, 2021

Because of the content of this show I could not put it on YouTube, they will strike it and remove it. Thank you, Bridgette

Host Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff has Par from Sweden on for a discussion on law, names, language, and the factualized trust. 


Topics of show relating to consciousness, shamanism, medicine, herbs, food, spirituality, healing, power, cognition, health: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual & energetic. Their topics and conversation come from their education and their own experiences.

Link is after thoughts of Par’s


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#thebodymechanic #workingoutthekinks #bridgettelyndolgoff #quantumconnectivemedicine #energymedicine #structuralmedicine #traditionalosteopath #herbalmedicine #nutritionalmedicine #medicalintuitive #stillpointtherapy #bonemarrowtherapy #Lemniscatetherapy #shamanism #anthroposophymedicine #biodynamicfarmer #thecranialmethod


To find past shows please see the youtube channel: Consciousness Of Economics & Urban Farm Project YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/bridgenit

Beyond Sovereign: Factualized Trust: Second Webinar August 18, 2021

Beyond Sovereign: Factualized Trust: Second Webinar August 18, 2021

I am not an attorney. I am not a lawyer.

I am a whistleblower for 30 years against Western Allopathic Medicine. I am a Natural Healthcare provider who in 2009 was waged war on by the USA Gov and the State of Nevada (please see my original videos on the subject, it was the most terrifying 4 years of my life).

In 2009 I was brought into a common-law group, I learned a huge amount, however, these people like most were driven for themselves, did not care about the world of people who were also suffering. They were not interested in easing the suffering of the threatening abusive nature of global govs though they knew and understand the law/s well.

I would like to help you if you want that help. I am only taking 10 registers/participants for this webinar. I believe I can only do TEN the greatest service at a time. If I get more people who want to take this webinar once it is full, I can do another one in August. I will not be doing any more after that.

I will be offering a zoom webinar on August 18, 2021, @ 5:30 pm PST that will go into the history of the FT Trust, How I came about it, Why for me it is the more superior document out there. I Will cover what it is, suggestions on filling it in (step by step), how I use it, and whatever else I can get into a two-hour zoom webinar.

I will do a follow-up zoom webinar for all those who were in the August 18, 2021 webinar on August 25, 2021, @ 5:30 pm PST.

None of these webinars will be recorded, you must take notes, pay attention and gain all the information you need while webinars are open.

To register please email consciousnessofeconomics@gmail.com, in the subject line please put BRIDGENIT/FT.

The zoom webinar is $150 USD or equivalent per person and that also covers the webinar on August 25, 2021. Please: let me know when you send me your email request how you want to pay to be registered,

Currently, I can do PayPal and most cryptos that coinbase would carry. I can send you links for all that. Once payment is processed I will send you a return email letting you know.

On the day of the zoom webinar, I will send out two things in separate emails:

The link for the zoom meeting

The documents called the Factualized Trust,

Thank you very much for your time and for expanding your perception of how things operate in the world and what you can do to help yourself! Together we are the change, we will create the change. We do this work with Love and Faith in self and the Creator. We let go of the anger, fear, past, rage, hate that keeps us in a battle of ego, insecurity that pulls us into the constant looping of the up and down, the powerless prison that steals our precious life force. 

Become your own: Trustee:

an individual person or member of a board given control or powers of administration of property in trust with a legal obligation to administer it solely for the purposes specified.

a state made responsible for the government of a trust territory by the United Nations.

The first FT Trust Webinar was on July 21, 2021.



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Added Bonus an 8 part series that I hosted with the amazing Ken Dost on how we are financially and digitally trafficked. That everyone should see!!!


AND Free yourself out of the Fiat Banking System


Other ID and Passport Options







Nevada Unemployment has Embezzled Your benefits!

If you are in Nevada and had problems with Nevada Unemployment of any kind in the last year and a half getting your benefits especially the ones you were approved for:

Fill out this complaint form with the US Treasury https://forms.treasury.gov/treasuryforms/Form?templateID=a1Qt00000028jF0EAI

And contact the Federal Labor Department and file a complaint  https://www.worker.gov/actions/whd-claim/

There is no “real” agency that oversees the State Unemployment, we need to have our voices heard.

Nevada Unemployment and personnel are criminals, they are all lying, the website lies they need to be investigated for theft, fraud, embezzlement, and treason against the citizens of Nevada.

  1. the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.
    “They were convicted of treason”
    the action of betraying someone or something.


People are dying as a result of not getting their unemployment, we are being forced out of our places to live on the streets, not being able to pay for the medicine for many of the health issues, and much more. Hold these people accountable.

These people are not individually protected by the state and can be held accountable and having committed a crime for the state they can go to jail and have their assets taken.

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Moses: Vessels: & Maritime Law:

Thoughts were sent to me by Par from Sweden after a show we did where we discussed the laws, our corporation names,  and factualized trust.

..I believe on the legal topics you covered I would fancy to note something I never heard mention but it just “struck me2 from pondering and having a “hey that’s maybe how moment” in returning to my memory of the “Moses on the Nile story”..

..and quite literally most of the “old and new testament” is allegory and metaphors for either “nicent wisdoms” or “how to conduct (oneself in law) = exualling the “conduct and “ways” of “law” (and its “reasons” (allegorically/metaphorically designed)

..hear me out..

..so Pharaoh had the “eternal wandering who name changers” with him for a while and some “discontent with the Egypts and “name changers” (they called themselves “slaves” as that is almost a “victimhood safe card” to “say one thing of themselves”)

..anyways it was believed the “Yahodim” would maybe stir revolution and raise up and the call for “killing of all first born” was announced (this is a very frequent call in the “Yahodim”/Caananite “canibals”) and to “spare Moses (Amenhoptept?) his mother hidhim in a reed basket in the papurus schrubs of the Nile shore (off shoring!?) and as you mentioned the “baptisation” as a “hidden code/allegory” for “initiation” into “fiction/maritime law/merchant (sea (en-) chantin) so the “first born” is “”put in a vessal” on “the water of the Nile (commerce) and “lost” by the (brithright) mother and lo and behold (how is that thing spelled ..beats me) the Pharaohs “mother” (“the Treasury of Egypt/”Central Bank) finds him and adopts him from the “kindness of her heart” (“accepting the business trade of birth right into a delivering vessal (a “vassal of feudalism is just some milennia later in the Feudal system) and the “conversion of “the brithright is put in “others than the parent’s hands!

..I feel one should inspect that a bit closer by doing a more hardcore dive into the “Moses story” (the “most revered” of all “Prophets” in Yahodim – the eternal “schizsters money changer lender userur” from time immemorial ..the only “leading red thread through all history and the only “history” preserved (since they pervert, subvert and destroyer’s all other cultures heritage” so nothing can grow to “pick them out for the parasites they are” and the “ever Alexandria Library Fire and Facebook/Youtube book burnings” just goes on like “nothing ever was anything different”

Par from Sweden

47 Baby Moses Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock

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Profound State of Awareness

The most profound state of awareness comes from being devoted to your present circumstances, absorbing the sorrows and joys of others, so that you may see yourself within them, which in actuality is you. Lujan Matus

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Clear Seeing

Since Vedic times in ancient India, yogis have been called seers. It was accepted wisdom that yogic sages could penetrate the space-time continuum with their highly developed awareness. they could “see” the subtle bodies of the human beings, or the planet, and could literally peer into unmanifested realms. When  Viveka ascends the sacred mountain, he finds himself in the sphere of Shiva, the seer. Here he encounters the powerful consciousness of yogic seers. which is also the archetypal masculine-Transcendent awareness merged with the formless One of Brahman.

Shiva (in the form of Rudra) instructs Viveka in the refinement of the capacities of the mind.  Viveka discovers, in deep states of meditation and yoga, how the normal human capacity for attention can be developed to the limits of its extraordinary dimensions. He discovers that ordinary human attention, which is discursive, intermittent, and passive, can be trained to become active, one-pointed, and autonomous. Through honing the powers of attention, ordinary mind can be transformed, revealing completely new and astonishing powers and structures of mind.

This is the mind that is capable of seeing through the kleshas and the four erroneous beliefs. This transformed mind is capable of penetrating not only the unconscious but also the realm of realities that lie hidden behind the phenomenal world. The mind then becomes the instrument for penetrating into the essence of things, for taking possession of, or assimulating, the real. “then the wisdom of the yogi knows all things as they are.”

In the final stages of practice, even the mind’s awareness of itself- or self-consciousness – disappears. All subject-object separation vanishes. and the subject becomes absorbed in the object. All that exists at this point is the object as illuminated by and revealed to consciousness. And then, finally, all that exists is pure consciousness.

Stephen Cope

Doshas, Koshas, Bandhas and Kleshas




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Pin on Quotes


Yogic teaching says that we have to learn gradually to tolerate sensations and feelings in the physical body, and thoughts in the mind, without reacting to them by either holding or pushing away. Craving and aversion (the third and fourth kleshas) roil the body-mind and create a kind of white noise in the system that obscures seeing clearly. For this reason, the development of a compassionate. grounded, centered, continuous, and abiding sense of self is at the core of yogic practice.

Steadied Wisdom: He whose mind is not affected in sorrow and is free from desire in pleasure and who is without attachment, fear, or anger – he is called a sage of “steadied insight”.

Stephen Cope

Doshas, Koshas, Bandhas and Kleshas


Yoga and the Koshas – the layers of being


the 5 kleshas – the roots of pain & suffering


Breath Meditation




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How to Practice Shamatha Meditation - Lion's Roar


Moth & Path of Knowledge

My current run-in with Moth reminded me of the earlier works of Castaneda.

The picture I took from an old mining house, the perspective of how large it looked on the window, and the landscape behind it really brought on the memories of the Moth Carlos had battled with early on. Just like in the Bible of many of the characters battling and fighting angels, I often think that may what we see in the mind’s filters, projections that keep our mind’s beliefs in check. One person has an altered reality and battles a giant moth, another an angel, another an alien. what if the outside force we are all battling is the same but our minds change the picture of what we are seeing for its own benefit, control system?

From the Wheel of Time with attached PDF book

This series of specially selected quotations were gathered from the first eight books that I wrote about the world of the shamans of ancient Mexico. The quotations were taken directly from the explanations given to me as an anthropologist by my teacher and mentor don Juan Matus, a Yaqui
Indian shaman from Mexico. He belonged to a lineage of shamans that traced its origins all the way back to the shamans who lived in Mexico in ancient times. In the most effective manner he could afford, don Juan Matus ushered me into his World, which was, naturally, the world of those shamans of antiquity. Don Juan was, therefore, in a key position. He knew about the existence of another realm of reality, a realm which was neither illusory nor the
product of outbursts of fantasy. For don Juan and the rest of his shaman-companions – there were fifteen of them – the world of the shamans of antiquity was as real and as pragmatic as anything could be.
This work started as a very simple attempt to collect a series of vignettes, sayings, and ideas from the lore of those shamans that would be interesting to read and think about. But once the work was in progress, an unforeseeable twist of direction took place: I realized that the quotations by
themselves were imbued with an extraordinary impetus. They revealed a covert train of thought that had never been evident to me before. They were pointing out the direction that don Juan’s explanations had taken over the thirteen years in which he guided me as an apprentice.
Better than any type of conceptualization, the quotations revealed an unsuspected and unwavering line of action that don Juan had followed in order to promote and facilitate my entrance into his world. It became something beyond speculation to me that if don Juan had followed that line, this
must have also been the way in which his own teacher had propelled him into the world of shamans.
Don Juan Matus’s line of action was his intentional attempt to pull me into what he said was another cognitive system. By cognitive system, he meant the standard definition of cognition: “the processes responsible for the awareness of everyday life, processes which include memory, experience, perception, and the expert use of any given syntax.” Don Juan’s claim was that the
shamans of ancient Mexico had indeed a different cognitive system than the average man’s.


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