Carrying Stones & Digging Holes Radio Show on Revolution Radio

Host: Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff
Time: Saturday 8 pm to 10 pm EST
IN: Studio B

Carrying Stones & Digging Holes Radio Show Updates

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff was the Host of Carrying Stones & Digging Holes on Revolution Radio, she closed her showdown, as she needed time off and time to go back to school. Bridgette then created a new show with Kelsey Sweet was the host of Cultivating Consciousness on Revolution Radio and has recently let her show go. Knowing each other, both living in Reno, Nevada they decided to come together to do one show thus the new name. Bridgette and Kelsey split in early July 2021, Bridgette went back to her older show name, with a new intro still holding the spot in Studio B @ 8 pm EST on Revolution Radio. Thank you for listening. 


Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff is a Traditional Osteopath with almost 30 years of experience and continued education. She specializes in Structural & Energy Medicine, Nutrition, and Herbalism. Bridgette is also an international registered Medical Intuitive. She attended Rudolph Steiner College to learn Biodynamics, Spiritual Sciences, Anthroposophic Medicine, and apprentice on farms, as well as permaculture, stays. Bridgette works with and on humans, animals, and the environment/s in person and online. In the past, Bridgette spent summers in different locations across the USA doing soil restoration, land regeneration, and small to large farm build/s educating as she works with the landowners. She is also a lifetime practitioner of Shamanism and comes from the bloodlines of the shaman, medicine people, herbalists, healers, clairvoyants, prophets, and exorcists. Bridgette understands that real medicine and nutrition start with recovering and restoring the soil, these processes will also heal the land, the air, the water, the people, and all beings living on Earth. The second half of her life is spent healing the earth and educating those who are interested. Bridgette teaches classes in person and online in shamanism, seeds, beings, forces, soil, animal health, people health, animal health, environmental health, nutrition, pain management, and more. 

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To find past shows please see the youtube channel: Consciousness Of Economics & Urban Farm Project YouTube Channel

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