Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials from the Amazing people I know and have known worked with and work on them, their animals, and sometimes their land, homes, and properties.  Thank You!

I would recommend Bridgette to others after going through her services of unwinding all the knots that my body has been enduring for many years.
Theresa ~ Nevada

Bridgette’s unique and powerful training and teachings have changed my life in the ways I relate to the world around me energetically and how I live in my physical body, feel my emotions, use my mind and feel connected spiritually.

Elizabeth ~ California

Bridgette has been helping me with many issues including chronic sciatic, neuropathy, swallowing issues…. and a few other things. Her knowledge is extensive and her energy is healing! Highly recommend!

Russ ~ Reno

The work that Bridgette does is profound on both a physical and an energetic level. She helped me to understand the role that scoliosis has played in my lifelong chronic health issues. I leave her table feeling that I am lighter and taller all at once. She is a treasure trove of information on so many topics that interest me. I recommend her highly to anyone dealing with bodily pain or injury, but also to anyone who appreciates experiential wisdom.

Sarah ~ New York

I first came to Bridgette at one of the darkest times of my life.  Malicious beings had managed to penetrate my field, scattering pieces of my energy body.  Ultimately, they left me completely suicidal, longing for nonexistence, but at the same time, every attempt I made in that direction was thwarted systematically.  The cumulative effect was desperation too profound for words.

It was in this state that Bridgette found me.  She helped me to turn my life around–teaching me to deal with these beings and reclaim sovereignty over my energy field–and my debt of gratitude to her is immense.  She has become a friend and a shamanic mentor to me, more than just a practitioner of medicine.

I really can’t say enough to praise her holistic understanding of health as well as her skill and techniques for treating whatever is out of balance.  That said, much of what sets Bridgette apart is her genuine desire to help people, which seems to be a significantly higher priority with her than actually making money out of her practice–this is the way medicine was meant to be, but not what is typical in our culture.

She is truly a heart-centered person whose basic empathy is a tool she uses to tap into people’s energy fields so she can figure out how to help them.  I have recommended her to multiple friends already, and those who have followed up with her have been impressed with what she can accomplish.

Ryan ~ Nevada

It is simple for me to say that Bridgette has been an active part of my family’s healing and health for over 20 years.

She has worked on our pets, our children, our grandchildren, and our friends.

She has educated us about growing food. She has shown us how to do a proper compost pile and told us why we want to do it this way.

She is my first call when there is a health issue. I have used her tinctures and they are quite effective. I do recommend Bridgette to anyone who wants to heal their body naturally without prescription drugs.

Terri ~  Nevada

I began working with Bridgette about one year after hearing her reply comment to a post online.

I wanted to know more about the session work she offered.  Upon hearing more, I booked a session and I am grateful for the depth of healing and growth I have witnessed from working with her. 

Each session offers new insights and openings to energetic clearings.  

Her command and mastery of healing modalities are vast as she has participated in her own self-healing journey throughout her life.  Along with her Traditional Shaman and Native teachings, I welcome her natural health wisdom and basic life coaching.

I plan to continue my healing journey with Bridgette’s support as directed by my inner guidance.  

Anne ~ North Carolina 

I have known Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff for 22 years. I had a vision of her before I came to Reno, Nevada, I met her and in a few days, I had her doing Traditional Osteopathic work on me and have been doing so since that time. I am still amazed by how much are paths have come to the same point. Her intuitions are always on.

Bridgette works and studies and learns a lot on her spiritual and natural healing. She is a wealth of knowledge on farming also. I am amazed at her retention of knowledge from her many teachers. She has her own intuitions that guide her along all her many paths. I have watched many come to be.

On the spirit realm, she has saved my life twice. She sees the other side clearly from my vantage point. I trust Bridgette with my life. I know her to be honest and spot on dependable. She walks her own path. I am grateful she is here at this time on this planet. 

Randolph ~ Nevada

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff has been a friend of mine since 2011 when we met in Reno at a survival seminar hosted by Matt Stein and Richard Alan Miller. Bridgette was among half a dozen people at a bookstore: she got onto her contacts and there were 40 folks at the seminar in the next two days. 

Bridgette’s knowledge of bio-dynamic agriculture from the Steiner school of thought is amazing. In 2016, we collaborated for four months on a 38-acre parcel in Oregon, creating a living environment for growing composts, food and medicinal herbs. Chamomile, St John’s Wort and Mullein are currently harvested in copious amounts thanks to Bridgette’s input. 

I have also experienced healing sessions, being ‘rebooted’ to orient my neck to my spine. Bridgette also rebooted Izzy the Wonder-Dog, a 65-pound pit bull terrier. The ability to combine standard osteopathy with shamanic healing working on all life forms, human, plant, animal, and microbe provides Bridgette with a unique skill set. 

Bridgette also is a member of our Knew Weigh group of free radical thinkers, applying chemical group theory to sociological circumstance. I enjoy listening to Carrying Stones and Digging Holes as much as I enjoy appearing on the show. Bridgette has a way of weaving tales of insight and intrigue and is both a great host and an awesome guest. 

Dr. Leonard J. Schussel, PhD inorganic chemistry Oregon State University, 1987, currently aka Dr. Lenny Thyme : Weigh Knew Radio Program Radio Talk Show Producer on Steempunk Radio

Holistic Animal Care

I had the pleasure of meeting Bridgette over 12 years ago when I was introduced to her amazing work as a Shaman. My son had a horrific accident which left him completely blind in one eye. Bridgette did a ” Whole Brain reset” which enabled the brain and one eye to realign and work as one. They say with only one eye one loses depth perception, well after Bridgette’s amazing work my son was able to continue playing hockey and still plays at the Junior Canadian hockey level today. Due to his hockey career, we have never exposed that he has sight in only one eye so he could just play and be successful.

While living in the Cayman Islands I sought out Bridgette’s knowledge on Farming and Soil preparation which was very challenging on a small island. Bridgette informed me of ways to make composts and how to plant things in certain ways to get the most growth potential. Also with her large knowledge base of benefits and uses of plants helped to make teas and herbal remedies.

The vastness of Bridgette’s skill set is overwhelming to comprehend. Her talents, gifts, and level of wisdom are one of a kind. Her spiritual awareness gives for help in challenging, confusing times, whether it’s thru energy readings or one on one sessions. Helping in ways to look forward and how to proceed with the most benefits to one’s life journey. Which brings me to her Life Coaching. Within that realm, she can help map out a solid foundation, after peeling back the layers to start from scratch and build. 

Bridgette has so many more gifts to offer which makes her an amazing soul. Her level of knowledge in every facet of the Universe truly makes her a gift from the Gods. 

Lori ~ Canada

As a researcher of consciousness and alternative healing practices, I can say Bridgette is one of my favorite people and case studies.  I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Bridgette as an osteopath, shaman, and educator and have noticed lasting results and an overall sense of better well being in my life. She has been my go-to source for all things wellness for the last few years and has offered balanced support to meet me wherever I am on my journey. 

She has a diverse background with exceptional teachers that makes her an intuitive and phenomenal healer. I like that she continues to add to her repertoire by incorporating select courses that support her values surrounding consciousness. Her willingness to learn and help others is proof of her genuine love for her work. Bridgette is passionate and dedicated- it shows it everything she does.

Kelsey ~ Reno

Kelsey’s Testimonial

“Bridgette’s health consultations and Shamanic healing sessions are truly life-changing and enhancing. I felt at ease talking to Bridgette from the get-go with her open and non-judgmental mind, listening ear, and sincere compassion. She is intuitive to the function of every aspect of my being. My body, mind, and soul are integrating in such a way that I’m feeling whole for the first time in my life while regaining energy to stand strong and move forward in a murky world. 

The energy assessment and messages that came through spoke directly to me with accuracy. Bridgette conveyed the information in a manner that was sensitive, honest, and empowering. She breaks unfamiliar concepts into basic parts that the layman person can understand and practice on his or her own. She taught me ancient methods that I use on my own to clear and activate energy. I’m amazed by my results!

Bridgette communicates effectively before and after scheduled sessions. She’s resourceful and emailed links for me to easily purchase the vitamins and teas that she recommended during our consultation. She already sourced products/brands for trustworthiness and cost efficiency, which saved me time from doing the research and shopping search myself! Bridgette encourages questions and responds swiftly with concern, care, and guidance that offers ease and reassurance. 

Bridgette’s work, knowledge-base, and training and life experiences are beyond extraordinary!  (That’s why I nicknamed her Bridgette Extraordinaire). We are so fortunate to have her wisdom and healing practices available to us. I highly recommend others to gift themselves with “Bridgette time” for total and integrated wellness.” 

Karen ~ Texas

I have been seeing Bridgette for approximately 5 years in person for sessions. She has been a godsend with helping me with my health. I was told by two surgeons I need 4 vertebrae infusion. I am lacking in trust with the western medical system and I seek out alternative solutions as a first step before doing anything that cannot be reversed. I found and turned to Bridgette to help with pain relief and restoration in my neck. 

In the most recent experience, I was told by yet another surgeon that I need a shoulder replacement. Once again I have entrusted Bridgette with pain reduction and restoration process. 

Bridgette has also opened my eyes to the spiritual path my body/mind and soul should follow for a healthy life and help keep my body pain free as well. I appreciate the fact that she isn’t just traditional, she has knowledge in several different types of healing. 

Greta ~ Reno

My gal and I have known of Bridgette for almost a year now.  We came across a post of hers and felt an immediate resonance with her perspectives. Within a few weeks, we had scheduled independent zoom sessions with her, and have continued these on a monthly basis.
Bridgette is very cool, fun, wise and wonderful. Her life long dedication to spiritual awareness and growth emanates throughout the session work, resulting in specific,  poignant and timely information. We do our sessions back to back, and ‘compare notes’ afterward. They are always completely different from each other, both in context and content.
Drawing from her life’s Shamanic focus, Bridgette works with her ‘support team’, as well as her own depth of understanding, bringing forth clear, relate-able and useful information. This can range vastly, from the clarifying and clearing of past unresolved trauma to working with very current personal issues. She knows where to look for the dots and how and when to connect them. Very cool indeed!
With certainty and strong recommendations, we plan on continuing our session work.
Best to all
John F~ North Carolina
I have had sessions with Bridgette for several years now.  She is a very gifted medical intuitive and performs amazing energy healing work to help people and animals heal.  She is also very knowledgeable in working with healing herbs and my family has used her remedies.  Bridgette truly has a wealth of knowledge in many areas ranging to spiritual topics to every kind of health concern.  I highly recommend sessions with her.  She has helped me to heal in every way – body, mind, emotions, and spirit!   
Sonja – Colorado

I have known and worked with Bridgette Lynn Dolgoff since 2012, and the help she offered to Matt Stein and I on a workshop we conducted in Reno, NV.  She is a hands-on Renaissance-type woman, who is direct and quite determined.

Over the last seven years, while working with other close friends of mine, I found her to be both sensitive and enthusiastic in whatever she puts her mind to do.  Her background in agriculture, and “in the trench” efforts to develop a farming project, is exemplary.

She will be an asset to anyone using her efforts, skills, and information.  I am proud to call her both a friend and a colleague. She is always welcome within any Farm Project I am involved.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller Physicist, Writer, and Agricultural Consultant