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Goethean phenomenology (short: phenomenology), or Goethean science, assumes the existence of a physical world and a spiritual world, which influence each other. Spiritual phenomena are not regarded as the products of matter, but as independent phenomena that permeate and guide the physical world. Hence, the spiritual world is one of the factors which determine visible phenomena and lies hidden behind them. Visible phenomena can be used to explore the spiritual world.

Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925) has often contended that it is possible to explore the spiritual world, just as we explore the visible world, and he developed a variety of methods for this purpose. One of these methods is that of phenomenology.

Phenomenology starts by carefully studying objects, situations, events, etc. The phenomenologist then uses the observations as a basis to penetrate into the spiritual world. An important element is that, as an observer, you not only observe an object in a detached manner but develop an intimate connection with it, penetrate into it and incorporate it in your mental image.







The instructor will be Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff of the Urban Farm Project.

Bridgette does  Energy Medicine (Medical Intuitive & Shamanism) ~ Structural Medicine & Inflammatory Correction  (Traditional Osteopath) ~ Farmacist (Food, Plant Medicines) ~ Nutrition ~ Biodynamic Farmer & A Life Long Practioner & Educator of Shamanic Arts.

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