Healing using the BB: Sacred Channels: Human LayLines

Our Navel Nabhi is an amazing gift that our Creator gave us. The first part of our bodies created after we are born is the navel. All our veins are connected to our navel. The pechoti is behind the navel which has more than 72,00 veins.

The Pechoti method (sometimes called the Pechoti intake method) is based on the idea that you can absorb substances like essential oils through your belly button. This includes massaging or dabbing the oils into Belly Button for pain relief and relaxation.

Think about making your own infused oils with plants like yarrow, lavender, sage, oregano, thyme, rosemary, rosebuds, garlic, turmeric, saint johns wort, white willow, Making oils that smell good and are medicinal.

I love making medical oils for eyes, ears, sinuses, and the BB.

Medicated Oil/Ghee How To:

Would like to add a list of ideas: Mustard Oil for rid of chapped lips, mild detox for intestines can move harmful bacteria out. Sesame Oil joint pain, strengthen bones. Mustard and Ginger Oil for upset stomach, bloating, nausea and digestion. Ghee blood flow to the nervous system, immunity, constipation, joint pain. Thyme Oil for expectorant, bronchitis, whooping cough, and all upper respiratory inflammation.

Never stick essential oils directly into BB, remember some oils are very very strong and need to be diluted down with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, do your research.

Currently, I have coconut oil that has been infused which means plants put into the oil and set into a dark place to cure for several months. I find about 8 weeks for most plants. The oil I am using has hash, saffron, and green onions.

I rub it on my temples, the base of my head, lower back, and also at night put a good amount into my Belly Button. Cannabis products in oils are not recommended for anyone under 18 and use with caution.

I enjoy going out of the box to develop and experiment with oils, plants, and herbs for my own health care issues means I can create the exact medicine I need at that time. sometimes things do not work out how I had planned them, and sometimes they work out better than I could have imagined.

I believe also that when we pay attention to ourselves, our bodies and treat them daily with love, kindness by rubbing, touching, and adding good things into them might be the strongest medicine you can create!


Suitable Plants that can be USED for pain…


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What Happens…


The Pechoti Method: Can You Put Weed in Your Belly Button?

Step by Step…



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20 Minutes with Bridgette April 17, 2020~New Chakra the BB

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Fire Opal - Pictures and Definition of Fire Opal

Element: Fire/Plasma

Sun Beings ~ Sun Light ~ Cosmic Radiation

Fire/Snake Medicine Path

New Chakra’s Emerged In 1995, but, in most humans are still not active.

Important Features on Chakra/s becoming activated:

Health of our Physical Body has to be achieved through clean water, air, food by eating directly from active healthy soil.

Rainbow Beings/Rainbow Light return to Earth and we align ourselves with this Medicine/Energy.

This is connected in the 5th postAtlantian Epoch Stiner talked about which is the one we are in till 3572. Where the”Thinking” aspect of the human being. These new chakras become active this comes from a   path of the individualized understand through the critical thinking of FREEDOM and how to use it. Then we will come to a collective understanding and applying this knowledge to the greater good of all.

These new chakras will return us back to the work of the Earth but connected fully to the cosmos/ancestors. Like a giant vortex pivit point on the Earth and out stretched into the cosmic memory, knowledge, understanding through us and radiating it out onto the Earth.

Healing the soil and eating from it will bring our bodies back into alignment with the energy around us, as the mineral/metal biologicals uptake through eating from the soil and clean water uptakes in our bodies this will increase the power/energy reflectivity/reflection from inside our bodies into the new chakras, from the inside out, not like the established chakras from the outside in.

Our blood becomes the crystalic structures needed to power the new chakras.

“The biodynamic farmer is called to become both student [of Nature] and guide [of Nature spirits], as he learns from and works with nature, gradually achieving within his soul a transformation of knowledge into contemplative devotions.”  Excerpt from Hartmut von Jeete’s speech, The Growing Need for Biodynamic Agriculture.

Today’s virtual separation between the attitude of the person performing a job, and the actual product or work, may be considered by most to be a necessary evolutionary step in a positivistic worldview. In earlier days, the manner of working was an inseparable part of the created product… it is precisely in the area of working with living organisms that sensitivity is required as a first condition: without it, we cannot even realize what domain we are in as we work on a farm or in a garden… The initial step, for one who enters upon the path… as an apprentice in Biodynamic agriculture—is the acquisition and development of certain disciplines to the point where they become second nature. Hartmut Von Jeetze, Eminent Biodynamic Farmer, Biodynamic Magazine, Spring 1977


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