Gin had 1 Surgery, June 21 next one and We Need $2700


Update to Original Funding.
My dog Gin had her first surgery and she is almost healed from it.
I had expected both surgeries would happen together. Her age and the time under for each one would have been way to much on her. So the dental surgery happened on May 17 and she is almost healed. Dental was $1390. I was so greatful for people I know coming in and helping.
The surgery that is coming up for a large tumor on her leg is $2700. I have changed the title and the asking as we move toward the surgery.
Thank you, Bridgette


Hey everyone here is a pick of me topical treating gin fat tumor on her leg. I tried everything from all fields of healing, this last year to tumor exploded and I have to have it removed.

I will be taking Donations from today Tuesday, March 28, 2023, till Sunday, April 9, 2023. I would like to get the surgery done as soon as possible and this gives me enough time to get it all booked, the ramp built and the side fence totally enclosed in preparation.

She is 13, and still runs behind the van several times a week, at her pace of course. She is my best friend and the only family I have. I am still very strapped for money, working hard on so many levels just to keep a roof, floating.

I need to raise 1500 minimum. She not only needs surgery to remove this tumor and how big it has become, but she also needs three teeth pulled as well. Best to do all of it at one time. I also need to build her a ramp to get out of the house to the ground it is a huge drop-off here at our place. Also fixing the side fence currently to keep the stalking coyotes out. Once she gets surgery and the smell of the wound and blood will bring them into the yard. Gine needs to feel safe and protected while she heals.


There are several places to donate. I really appreciate the help, for me my dog is the only real thing that matters in my life. and to keep her running, hiking into 14, 15, 16, and up to 18??

You should know this terrifies me.

Thank you,  Bridgette

Zelle pay is under the email address:

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I also have this PayPal address connected to the same PayPal Account:

Remember PayPal takes about 7 dollars for every 100.

If you would like to donate through cryptocurrency please let me know and I can send you a personal link from my new account which has a debit card with which I can pay the vet.

I can also give out my address privately if you would like to mail a check.

If you need to reach me personally for questions:

Bridgette                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      775.624.7862

Thank you so much.






Crystal Light Beings to the Rescue!

Today is yet another day that the beings from other worlds, reflective beings that travel in and through the light have come to my aid, today two beings intertwined arrived to help me with healing my Gin.

Gin since I rescued her about 10.5 years ago has always had autoimmune issues. She came from a meth house where they made meth. I saved her when she was 5 months old.

Over the years she and I have both had cancer, kidney issues, and respiratory stuff as well. Over the years we have healed it all alternatively. This last tumor that emerged about 10 months ago, clearly a GMO tumor has not been that easy to get rid of and after months of constant natural medicines, I finally decided to give up and just focus her life and my life on her HAPPINESS and use that as the healing agent.

Not three days later once I gave up on trying to fix her, save her, and heal her again, the beings came, two of them.  When will people understand that the SUN or SON are the same things and beings traveling the rays of light come to aid us when we allow.  You can find several blogs on my site here that shows these beings coming to me all the time.

Today I was busy working away, I might have almost missed the healing in progress if I had not gotten up to get something to drink. I looked over at her and they were with her, on her, with their meridians like points of light and the connectors of light as well. I know a miracle is in progress. I think that they use us, Gin, and I as a vehicle to show others that these beings are around.


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