Carrying Stones & Digging Holes Radio Show July 17, 2021

Because of the content of this show I could not put it on YouTube, they will strike it and remove it. Thank you, Bridgette

Host Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff has Par from Sweden on for a discussion on law, names, language, and the factualized trust.

Topics of show relating to consciousness, shamanism, medicine, herbs, food, spirituality, healing, power, cognition, health: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual & energetic. Their topics and conversation come from their education and their own experiences.

Link is after thoughts of Par’s

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Moses: Vessels: & Maritime Law:

Thoughts were sent to me by Par from Sweden after a show we did where we discussed the laws, our corporation names,  and factualized trust.

..I believe on the legal topics you covered I would fancy to note something I never heard mention but it just “struck me2 from pondering and having a “hey that’s maybe how moment” in returning to my memory of the “Moses on the Nile story”..

..and quite literally most of the “old and new testament” is allegory and metaphors for either “nicent wisdoms” or “how to conduct (oneself in law) = exualling the “conduct and “ways” of “law” (and its “reasons” (allegorically/metaphorically designed)

..hear me out.. Pharaoh had the “eternal wandering who name changers” with him for a while and some “discontent with the Egypts and “name changers” (they called themselves “slaves” as that is almost a “victimhood safe card” to “say one thing of themselves”)

..anyways it was believed the “Yahodim” would maybe stir revolution and raise up and the call for “killing of all first born” was announced (this is a very frequent call in the “Yahodim”/Caananite “canibals”) and to “spare Moses (Amenhoptept?) his mother hidhim in a reed basket in the papurus schrubs of the Nile shore (off shoring!?) and as you mentioned the “baptisation” as a “hidden code/allegory” for “initiation” into “fiction/maritime law/merchant (sea (en-) chantin) so the “first born” is “”put in a vessal” on “the water of the Nile (commerce) and “lost” by the (brithright) mother and lo and behold (how is that thing spelled me) the Pharaohs “mother” (“the Treasury of Egypt/”Central Bank) finds him and adopts him from the “kindness of her heart” (“accepting the business trade of birth right into a delivering vessal (a “vassal of feudalism is just some milennia later in the Feudal system) and the “conversion of “the brithright is put in “others than the parent’s hands!

..I feel one should inspect that a bit closer by doing a more hardcore dive into the “Moses story” (the “most revered” of all “Prophets” in Yahodim – the eternal “schizsters money changer lender userur” from time immemorial ..the only “leading red thread through all history and the only “history” preserved (since they pervert, subvert and destroyer’s all other cultures heritage” so nothing can grow to “pick them out for the parasites they are” and the “ever Alexandria Library Fire and Facebook/Youtube book burnings” just goes on like “nothing ever was anything different”

Par from Sweden

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How to make Viking Beard WAX with PAR from Sweden

Today I tried my hand at making Viking Beard Wax from the instruction of my good friend PAR from Sweden. It turned out amazing for the high desert here, i have a couple of men to test it for feedback.

I used coconut oil, I know people of the past would use rendered animal fast for skin salves, hair, and beards. I used coconut oil. I use was pastille’s instead of the hard wax I also have. I used pine nut tree sap I collect several months ago on the ground up in an old pinon pine nut tree area, I did use a scrub brush on the clumps of sap with water to clean them. The Tree bark and other embedded stuff can be removed once it is all melting.

For a High Desert Viking Beard Wax, it was important to be most moisturizing. The men who have beards here are talking about their beards as too fluffy, fly away, all over the place, I took this to mean to dry.

8 oz: (4) 2 oz containers: 2oz or 1/4 cup of coconut oil: 3 oz or 1/4 cup “over” the top of sap: 4 oz of 1/2 cup of wax.







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Par’s discoveries from Long Distant Healing on my Radio Show

These Posts PAR sent me over 4 days after his long-distance healing we did live on my radio show…

Please see the record of the radio show, PAR was on the second hour, I did remote healing on him, the first time he ever experienced anything like it…

I imagine co2-snow in water ..making “bubbles rise up.. ..I had a mental “freeing” image of “bubbles rising in fluids from step shaped “ice cubes as a step pyramid two along side each other and orange hue color for my inner eye and release of “energy and well being rising/arising”.. was a very refreshing and relieving feeling to stretch my body/shoulders and close my eyes and have this sensation running trhough it!

..recap your own energy now ..thanks for a very interesting moment of healing on your show.

I have a very nice session with a wise healer telling me to “skip all those regrets” ..

..this wise healer also told me the “no sorries in need for this ..just raise your protection when in need”

All day I had ran I very nice “focus on me and my own need (to onw and make me my own self first priority) ..

.. Normally will attack me for “smallest things that is visible/audible” around me “going about work” with her argument it “hurts her ears/self-confidence if she can not manage and control me I would assume ..

..this day was sort of “I will do what ever” since it is really the benefit of me if I service my things..

,.thinking about the nice day and the very interesting session you offered so generously ..and thinking about the interesting affects of the left shoulder already presenting itself..

..then I made that “normal” ..I slipped getting things under control again a “sorry” slipped over my lips ..meant as a “nice gesture” towards the one always looking for moments just like that ..and something more interesting occured ..a strong “almost pain/fencing/fending off/anger feel” arouse strongly in my right upper side chest clearly indicating that sorry need not be.. ..and “go git her done” had made its impression and my sense of putting “excuses and sorries” aside and have some space for me without this “tip toeing”..

.quite very “physical oriented guiding direction innersource shape scape” and well in line with a lot of the sacred wise guiding you gifted me so generously (and intelligently) with just a short day previous.. one level your wisdom to connect to something in me physically was quite “the thing” and from there I bet also the mental structure of your “treating it” while talking to me was a central (at minimum) aid in getting my attention towards it ..and if the cure was the mental-pshycological connection of the meta-aspects of “finding/treating” still leaves the aspect of your wisdom clearly obvious for me ..your word “I (bridgette) would always outperform a machine” was in a way quite telling just even the more so from you allowing me to experience it.. you fixed my shoulder really beats me.. ..I bow myself in awe!

..I attribute these “new behavioral traits” towards this interesting session from being on your radio show late Saturday (USA) Sunday night (Norway).

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff is a Traditional Osteopath with almost 30 years of experience and continued education. She specializes in Structural & Energy Medicine, Nutrition, and Herbalism. Bridgette is also an international registered Medical Intuitive. She attended Rudolph Steiner College to learn Biodynamics, Spiritual Sciences, Anthroposophic Medicine, and apprentice on farms, as well as permaculture, stays. Bridgette works with and on humans, animals, and the environment/s in person and online. In the past, Bridgette spent summers in different locations across the USA doing soil restoration, land regeneration, and small to large farm build/s educating as she works with the landowners. She is also a lifetime practitioner of Shamanism and comes from bloodlines of the shaman, medicine people, herbalists, healers, clairvoyants, prophets, and exorcists.

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In Language as Sacred Tools [Excerpt]

“It is funny when I write a small text on wisdom in our Norse tongue it the wyrd/wisodm-wagon called vishet .. ..the interesting connections to this word and our forefathers and foremothers sacred societies is that ‘-het’ is “carrior-wagon” that is glued to wyrd’s that like ‘vishet’ decribes the “quality+in-action” is “what are you called” is the prefered way to as “what is your name” in Norse tongues.. ..we have “what is you name” since we also are trained in the Roman cult of “conduct business in the worlds of the sewers/under-world/”the-dead-orating”.. ..but the classical and really Norse/>Germanic way is “what called (are) you?) as in “to call the soul and spirit and simultaneously this -he-/-het-/-hed-/-hel- suffixes and/or prefixes or in the middle of wyrd’s combination are among our most sacred (sacred=helig) as sacral (sanctified/sacral/sacred helgad) weekend (the sacred rest=helg) “holy sacred holiday”=högtid/helg) honour (honour=heder) law in honour of word as “heithen-dom” (hedendon ..witch in real says “-“domen/house/business” in the word of honour and eternal shame the one who breaks his word/promise/deal-he-agreed-to)..

..our sacred whoe means a sacred location ..most often on the actual heather/heath with earth-works, mounds, cairns, erected stone formations, petroglyphs and sacred gathering houses just like a “church parish house for the church coffey after the wedding or what-not..

..vis in our cultur follows” ones self decide/decision/call-to-judge/a-judicate” (egendom (egen+dom) where egen means self/onew-own (my own as in possesion) or straigh up just means “mine” is if carried over to english: egendom: (my)-own-to-judge/decide..

..the unique balance between society and family/self has clear ideas of a golden-ratio-balance wherein benefit of one (self/society) the other (self/society/family) must have the eternal moral/ethic/traditions/higher-mora-value-balance as the “cut” of the “stick” to reach the golden ratio is “62 % of all” ..if no less than 38 % of “the realm/existence” is marked up on either side there most likely is a “parasitic entangling component” foreign to culture/traditions and moral values building our societies for us and the parasite has started its infestation and will leave when you are dead and gone ..only for a new host/society to “wampire on”..pär, 2:53 AM..the beauty of words/wyrd’s (history/tradition/sacred carrier wagon of wise signs/vibrations) is quite stunning once one bore down to the right level.. share is almost like “soundscapes/shapes” as in “sharescapes/share shapes/honoursharing” in the greater good and our part of the eternal struggle between building/order and destruction/chaos.. ..nature/creation inherently/honour-wyrdly contains both.”

Par from Sweden

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